Enchanting the World: The Unforgettable Tango Legacy of Noelia Hurtado&
Carlos Espinoza

Prepare to be fascinated by Carlos Espinoza and Noelia Hurtado's extraordinary talent as they captivate audiences worldwide with their exceptionally charming appearances and awe-inspiring dance performances. They produce a particular harmony that captivates audiences with a brilliant blend of classic milonguero style and current tango technique. On the dance floor, see the visual magnificence and emotional depth of their dances as they conquer hearts, minds, and souls. Allow their distinct tango legacy to echo like a spiritual symphony, awakening all of your senses to the beauty of this wonderful art form.

The Never-ending Journey. A Romance with Pivots, Ochos, Turns and Boleos

Evolving your tango in circles. Re-discovering the classics with the eyes of the dancer you are today. That’s all part of the game. This is a collection to make you fall in love with Pivots, Ochos, Turns and Boleos over and over again. With them, which give tango its very own recognizable look and feel.

184.57 min Giro Ocho Pivots Boleo

Milonga & Vals. Time to Bloom and Jubilate!

Although part of the Argentine tango genre, Milonga and Vals have their own spirit, musicality, and rhythm. This collection will teach you how to use tango’s movements and technique when dancing Milonga and Vals. Get inspiration from Carlitos & Noelia’s knowledge and effervescence, in order to find your own way to bloom and jubilate!

156.39 min Milonga Musicality Vals

Linear Movements. Creating Rebounds, Crosses and Even Turns by Using Lines

Sublime linear notes of pure beautiful simplicity and surprising proposals. In this collection, you’ll learn to do Crosses like Noelia & Carlitos do, you’ll understand how versatile Rebounds can be, and curiously enough you’ll discover how one can build circles by using lines. Is your curiosity aroused already?

164.44 min Giro Rebote Elements

Noelia & Carlitos’ Fundamentals. Merging Classic Milonguero with Modern Technique

Merging the classic milonguero style with modern tango technique in distinctive harmony and precision, the result is visually stunning! So fresh! Essentially, this is Carlitos & Noelia’s landmark collection of lessons. It’s where we invite you to start your journey into the world of their tango. Here, you’ll understand their fundamentals; how they think about the movement and from where it emerges.

143.15 min Embrace Technique Walk

Musicality & Interpretation. Tell Your Own Tango Story

This is a collection that will impulse you to discover your unique voice by fusing science with subjectivity. Musicality has a set of rules that you need to be aware of. Other than that, its complexity opens up a vast field full of elements for you to use in order to create, share and tell your own story on the dance floor.

152.95 min Elements Musicality Technique

Connection & Communication. The Art of Co-creating on the Dance Floor

Accents of simmering natural fury, refined spontaneity, contagious humor - all melting together on the dance floor in an ocean of awareness, connection and energy. Experience the process of bringing all this into existence with this collection of lessons, impregnated with Carlitos & Noelia’s distinctive personality.

121.61 min Embrace Elements Technique Connection Communication