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The art of Tango connection is now taught, explained and demystified by world champions and the greatest masters of our times. Their knowledge is now available for everyone who wants to enjoy surprising connections, joy and magic in their relationships.

The First Class pack, comprised of 20 lessons, covers the beginning of self-expression. It will guide you to find a bit of magic in all your connections on and off the dance floor!

The Embrace – How to Position Arms, Chest and Neck for a Natural Dynamic

A great journey in which you'll explore embraces beyond tango styles. You will understand how much the position of the arms, neck, chest and head affect your wellbeing and posture in tango.

14.02 min Embrace

The Walk. Three Different Techniques

Three different techniques for men: switching weight in the middle, pushing from the backward leg, projection with the forward leg - gliding. Music: Bien Frappe (orchesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto Rufino).

17.34 min Embrace Walk

El Ocho

How much is actually the lead? Why and how do we pivot? How do we incorporate one of the most used tango elements in our dance? The purpose of this lesson is to answer all these questions.

Music: Bahia Blanca (Carlos di Sarli).

16.24 min Ocho

Giro. The Beginning

About linear dynamic, circular dynamic and the link between the linear and circular dynamics in the giro.

Music: Bahia Blanca (Carlos di Sarli).

18.03 min Giro

Chapter 2. Music of the Couple

Embrace is that magic element that connects you to your partner and keeps you there, which is essential to be able to create your dance together. In order to be in tune with him/her, you need to find that music of your couple.

6.24 min Embrace

Posture & Embrace

Sebastián and Roxana's special embrace raises new questions and brings new answers on couple harmony, beauty and comfort in dance.
What if we add the same muscular tone in arms, chest, neck, palms and fingers? And what happens when we discover a technical definition for the intention? 


This lesson is in Spanish and it has English subtitles. To activate them, please, click on CC in the down right corner of the video, then select English.

12.39 min Embrace

Adapting your Embrace in Dance

Every movement starts in the embrace. But how does it transform from the starting point till the end point? Apart from this, you’ll discover how keeping your body inline can help you a great deal and how stretching has a significant role in achieving a relaxed balance. How to take care simultaneously of your space, her space and the leading? You’ll find the answers to these questions inside this lesson, too.


This lesson is in Spanish and it has English subtitles. To activate them, please, click on CC in the down right corner of the video, then select English.

16.41 min Embrace

A Talk on the Embrace

"Try to not think of the embrace as a tango position, but as a sensation. Only after that, bring it to tango.” – this is just a glimpse into the valuable insights you’ll get in this lesson. Tango is not only steps or technique. It’s, first of all, a culture with a strong, specific philosophy behind. You can’t say you dance tango, until you haven’t explored it.


This talk is in Spanish and it has English subtitles. To activate them, please, click on CC in the down right corner of the video, then select English.

8.09 min Embrace

Embrace. Axis, Space and Connection

We do know that connection is not defined by physical contact. By what then? And does sharing axes actually mean sharing our weight? Head and hands – is their movement a consequence or a cause of our entire body moving? Explore this lesson for insights on these matters.

18.20 min Embrace

Pivot Deconstructed. Individual Exercises 1

This lesson unveils the secret of the maestros' powerful turns. There’s an activation point for them. You’ll also find out about the quantity of intention needed in order for the movement to happen and how leading and movement originate from separate parts of the body. All this accompanied by a series of exercises for you to incorporate the turns technique in your body, too.

12.01 min Changes of Direction Elements

Carlitos & Noelia’s Embrace. Everything is Possible!

In order to appreciate your present as it is, you first need to understand and accept it completely. In order to fully appreciate your partner in tango, you need to be aware of the subtleties of both roles: leading and following. It’s a lesson that will help you do that.

18.46 min Embrace

Pivots Decoded. Level One. Everything you Need to Take Care of in Order to Make a Pivot

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, take this lesson to level up your Pivots game. There’s always some subtlety left to discover and with every year passing, the probability of doing that, only becomes more eminent. The juices of knowledge are easier squeezed from ripe fruits.

16.14 min Technique Pivots

Ochos Decoded. Level One. What and How?

You’ll find in this lesson the fundamental notions in order to master one of the most useful elements in tango. Make sure you dedicate enough time to perfect your Ochos, as you’ll be using them in so many dance situations later on.

13.01 min Ocho Technique

About the Concept of Connection and the Perception of your Partner. Level One

This is the first lesson of a collection with which you’ll tap into a novel approach to learning argentine tango. Here, Noelia & Carlitos will share their perspective on the art of connecting and perceiving your partner in dance.

22.29 min Connection Communication

Our Embrace and its Why

Shoulders, hands, elbows, heads. All the details and answers to all the whys. You’ll find in this lesson technical focus on the depth of a unique dance philosophy.


This lesson is in Spanish and it has English subtitles. To activate them, please, click on CC in the down right corner of the video, then select English.

18.11 min Embrace

Walking in Line

The interaction between two generations of dancers developing right in front of us. There will be talks about linear walk, about the technical details, the errors, the teacher-student relationship and more.


This lesson is in Spanish and it has English subtitles. To activate them, please, click on CC in the down right corner of the video, then select English.

10.45 min Walk

Posture & Balance

Our posture is the starting point of our dance. It sketches out the parameters of movement possibilities, its limitations and efficiencies (or inefficiencies). Posture and balance are intimately connected. In this video, Ivan and Sara share their secrets for posture and balance for a dance without limits.

7.32 min Embrace Technique

Articulation & Push

In order to dance we need two major things - energy and direction. Pushing the ground creates energy, and articulating our ankles generates (among other things :)) direction for movement of the body. Learn these principles of movement, and apply them everywhere in your dance! Your movement will be more clear, more controlled and more aesthetic.

9.46 min Embrace Technique


Improve the quality of your embrace – find the correct balance of comfort and functionality! Ivan and Sara talk about how to hold your arms, the interaction between posture and the embrace, and the tone of the connection to help you find that perfect connection to your partner.

15.50 min Embrace Technique

Linear Walk in Parallel System

Walking in front of each other in a line is a basic exercise that lets us see how our posture and body mechanic fit together in simple partner work. Afraid of stepping on your partner? Not sure where to place your feet? Find out tips on how to never crash with your partner, and how to maintain even and connected movement without pulling or pushing your partner around. Walk with ease!

12.09 min