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The art of Tango connection is now taught, explained and demystified by world champions and the greatest masters of our times. Their knowledge is now available for everyone who wants to enjoy surprising connections, joy and magic in their relationships.

The First Class pack, comprised of 20 lessons, covers the beginning of self-expression. It will guide you to find a bit of magic in all your connections on and off the dance floor!

El Ocho

How much is actually the lead? Why and how do we pivot? How do we incorporate one of the most used tango elements in our dance? The purpose of this lesson is to answer all these questions.

Music: Bahia Blanca (Carlos di Sarli).

16.24 min Ocho

A Talk on the Embrace

"Try to not think of the embrace as a tango position, but as a sensation. Only after that, bring it to tango.” – this is just a glimpse into the valuable insights you’ll get in this lesson. Tango is not only steps or technique. It’s, first of all, a culture with a strong, specific philosophy behind. You can’t say you dance tango, until you haven’t explored it.


This talk is in Spanish and it has English subtitles. To activate them, please, click on CC in the down right corner of the video, then select English.

8.09 min Embrace

About the Concept of Connection and the Perception of your Partner. Level One

This is the first lesson of a collection with which you’ll tap into a novel approach to learning argentine tango. Here, Noelia & Carlitos will share their perspective on the art of connecting and perceiving your partner in dance.

22.29 min Connection Communication