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What is Tangomeet?

At Tangoomet you can buy Tango Courses online, from a wide range of well know artists. Courses are discovered instantly after you place your order.

Learning with your favorite maestros week by week, in the comfort of your own space. Be it your home, dance studio, or any other private space you can imagine.

Tangomeet is a service that allows tango lovers from all over the world to have personal access to international tango maestros, through a series of online lessons and videos with their personal insights and discoveries in tango. We believe it is one of the biggest leaps forward in learning tango because it is convenient, fast and most importantly truly rich in information (philosophy, technique, steps, and figures).

When we say fast, we don’t mean that you will learn Argentine tango in a few days because tango is like a good wine – the longer time goes by, the better it becomes. Also, succeeding in this learning process is up to you and the time you spend practicing what your maestros teach you.

What we mean by fast is that it’s as simple as switching on your computer, logging into your Tangomeet.com account, then watching and re-watching the video classes, and practicing them in the intimacy of your own space.


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Our Maestros

Masters are the perfect choice for those who want to learn tango.

You'll find a range of teachers to choose from who offer a wide range of courses and have a long history of training and teaching.