Musicality & Interpretation. Tell Your Own Tango Story

This is a collection that will impulse you to discover your unique voice by fusing science with subjectivity. Musicality has a set of rules that you need to be aware of. Other than that, its complexity opens up a vast field full of elements for you to use in order to create, share and tell your own story on the dance floor.

Tips for Our Tangomeet Students. How To Use Our Online Lessons

Watch this video before starting your learning process with Carlitos & Noelia. They are giving you important tips about how to approach their online lessons program. about how it is structured and about how to enjoy it better.

2.14 min Technique

Choosing Consciously your Movements

Welcome to Carlitos & Noelia’s world of musicality. You will find out that their tango craft is deeply rooted in their ideas, perception, and interpretation of the tango music. All these are powered by a lot of awareness. It means that 100% presence will be required. So similar to meditation, right?

9.26 min Musicality

Tools for Playing with the Dynamics of your Movement

In this lesson, Noelia & Carlitos will teach you the craft of using such tools as accents, pause, and suspension, in order to master the dynamics of your movements, while making sure that music is the central character of your dance floor story. 

16.18 min Musicality

Rhythm. Level One. Breaking the Learned Habits

We keep on dancing tango following the idea that certain structures have predefined rhythms inside. However, it doesn’t mean that we have to keep this idea if we don’t want to. We can always break a learned habit and adapt any structure or movement to what the music is asking for. Follow this lesson for more insights.

13.34 min Musicality

Melody. Level One. Differentiating between Beat and Melody

In this lesson, Noelia & Carlitos discuss the importance of knowing the difference between dancing on the beat and dancing on the melody. Sometimes, not being on the beat doesn’t mean that you are not being on music. Dancing on the beat is useful for rhythmical songs, but tango music is much more vast. This is a lesson to enrich your perspective on the music-dance relationship.

13.24 min Musicality

Orchestras Playing Intermediate Tempo and How to Dance on Them

One more novel approach in interpreting music in tango. You have the rhythmical songs, the melodic songs and then you have the orchestras that play the intermediate tempo. In this lesson, you’ll find out how to create your dance when this kind of orchestras play.

11.44 min Musicality

Rhythm. Level Two. Breaking out of Habits

In this lesson, you’ll be exploring the possibility of applying various rhythms to the same structure. It could feel a bit like getting out of the comfort zone, but as we know magic lies beyond its borders.

12.20 min Musicality

Melody. Level Two. Elements for the Melodic Moments in the Song

Noelia & Carlitos will share with you the tools that they use in their dance, to cover the melodic moments in a song. If previously they were focusing on applying different rhythms to the same structure, in this lesson they will share various movements that can fit the melody in a better way.

17.53 min Musicality

Rhythm. Level Three. Elements that Noelia & Carlitos Use to Create Different Rhythmical Structures

Musicality is very connected to the necessity for mastering the technique and then letting go so that your subjectivity can take over. First, learn the craft of triples and of the syncopation in this lesson, then invite your imagination in, and witness the result.

21.49 min Musicality

Melody. Level Three. Interpretation of a Musical Phrase in Different Ways

Saying that you dance a piece of the music in a melodic way is not enough. Because inside the melodic vibe, there’s plenty of room for interpretation. In this lesson Noelia & Carlitos share their way of interpreting a musical phrase in different ways.

10.05 min Musicality

Co-creating Interaction and Ideas in your Couple’s Musicality 1

Learn how to find your voice and contribute your ideas to the couple’s musicality, so that you can create together a unitary concept which you’ll convert into dance. The exercises that Carlitos & Noelia propose in this lesson will also develop and increase the musical connection between the partners.

14.36 min Musicality

Co-creating Interaction and Ideas in your Couple’s Musicality 2

This a lessons for drawing conclusions as you’ll be putting together everything you’ve learned throughout this collection. You’ll have a challenge, too, leaders as you’ll need to dissociate your lead from your own footwork. That’s exciting for both you and your partner!

10.54 min Musicality

Musicality & Interpretation. A Bonus and a Challenge

Here comes a gift lesson from Carlitos and Noelia! But it’s also a gift you’re making to yourself. As you’ll be testing and challenging the entire effort you put into studying and practicing this collection of lessons. It’s time to reap the well deserved benefits of your work! (This is a gift lesson when buying the collection.)

3.32 min Musicality