About us


What is Tangomeet?


Learning with your favorite maestros week by week, in the comfort of your own space. Be it your home, dance studio, or any other private space you can imagine.

Tangomeet is a web service that allows tango lovers from all over the world to have personal access to international tango maestros, through a series of online classes and videos with their personal insights and discoveries in tango. We believe it is one of the biggest leaps forward in learning tango because it is convenient, fast and most importantly truly rich in information (philosophy, technique, steps and figures).

When we say fast, we don’t mean that you will learn Argentine tango in a few days, because tango is like a good wine – the longer time goes by, the better it becomes. Also, succeeding in this learning process is up to you and the time you spend practicing what your maestros teach you.

What we mean by fast is that it’s as simple as switching on your computer, loging into your Tangomeet.com account, then watching and re-watching the video classes, and practicing them in the intimacy of your own space.


Watch, re-watch. Just as long as you need...

Another thing that you are really going to be excited about is that on Tangomeet, unlike the offline workshops, not only can you watch and practice the classes, but you can also re-watch them over and over again, as long as you need. Play, pause, rewind, play again – your learning process is under your own control.


Anytime, anywhere, so comfortable, instant live stream access…. And lessons are yours forever.


And because it’s online, you’ll access your lessons, in your Tangomeet account, immediately after completing the payment process. They are yours forever. You can watch the lessons anywhere you have Internet connection, so you can choose your class location or the time you are going to watch, learn and practice. This approach will allow you to have a more flexible schedule, save time and money. It’s the learning method that adapts to you and vice versa.







This is my honest confession of how Tango...and in particular Tangomeet, changed my life.
I started dancing tango a couple of years ago, in March 2016 in London, UK.

It was extremely difficult to get to grips with a “drop in” class system that repetition is not part of the process and the concept of practicas completely foreign in UK.

Despite this I continued because I felt in love with the music and culture of Tango. I did a lot of research online and found very useful material that kept me going. Still, my dance was not acceptable to a social level.

I remember in June 2016 I went back home in Greece where Tango seems to have progressed a lot. It was a festival where I first asked a very good follower to dance with me (of course with cabeceo). To my disappointment, she told me to stop in the middle of the first song as I was embarrassing her...

That was it. I had to do something. If the classes in London are not working then I need to find a way.

By searching various online resources I bumped into Tangomeet and tried it..without knowing what to expect. Then I realized what appropriate teaching looks/sounds like. Despite the fact I had no one to correct me I repeated each move over 50 times and then tried it in the milonga...not very successfully. As I kept repeating the lesson and trying the patterns and principles in the milonga my dance went up a level very quickly.... I repeated the process.... and again... a level up.

I have now found a partner to go through the Tangomeet syllabus again. I am super excited!

If someone has a partner then the best way to spend their time is to go through Tangomeet together.
If someone does not have a partner then it is great to apply the principles on the dancefloor and I am sure the future partner will notice very quickly.

Tango has improved my social life, my cultural education and my appreciation for higher values such as the connection.

Thank you, Catalina and Tangomeet who gave me so much valuable information...forever!
Un abrazo fuerte!

PS: The lady who didn’t want to dance with me not even one song that summer....last week during a Christmas milonga she told me it was a very enjoyable tanda (of course she didn’t remember who I was and when Tanturi is on...I am on fire