Noelia & Carlitos’ Fundamentals. Merging Classic Milonguero with Modern Technique

Merging the classic milonguero style with modern tango technique in distinctive harmony and precision, the result is visually stunning! So fresh! Essentially, this is Carlitos & Noelia’s landmark collection of lessons. It’s where we invite you to start your journey into the world of their tango. Here, you’ll understand their fundamentals; how they think about the movement and from where it emerges.

Tips for Our Tangomeet Students. How To Use Our Online Lessons

Watch this video before starting your learning process with Carlitos & Noelia. They are giving you important tips about how to approach their online lessons program. about how it is structured and about how to enjoy it better. 

2.14 min Technique

Women Technique 1. Body Position, Embrace and Displacement

Exceedingly charming appearance, spectacularly mastering the dance floor, please, meet Noelia for your first women technique lesson of this collection. In this class you’ll find out the different body positions that she likes to use while dancing, as well as tips about her mesmerizing embrace, and most of all you’ll find out one of Noelia’s main values when approaching tango.

13.55 min Embrace Technique

Women Technique 2. Building Circular Movements: Pivots. Ochos

Ladies, here’s your second women technique lesson from Noelia. Learn her principles for creating Pivots and Ochos, which you could think of as the building blocks for your tango. And besides that, Carlitos says it’s very important that you have your leaders watch this lesson, too!

15.34 min Ocho Technique Pivots

Women Technique 3. Circular and Linear Turns

Noelia differentiates between two types of Turns: the circular and the linear ones. Learn the little things that make the big difference in staying connected to your partner and in flow when performing them. Just a hint - two important things to take into consideration when doing your Turns - the space and the lines that you take.

10.44 min Giro Technique

Men Technique 1. Carlitos’ Philosophy of Being a Good Leader

Immerse yourself in Carlitos’ world of leading and following for tango leaders. Yes, that’s right - leading and following. Get ready to take a completely new perspective! In his first technique lesson he will reveal his philosophy about what it means to be a good leader in tango. And we would say these principles are applicable to other areas as well.

16.12 min Technique

Men Technique 2. Ways to Generate Movements and their Quality. Ways of Leading

Any great interaction with another begins with ourselves. Here’s what you need to know about body awareness and posture for leaders; about what quality of the movement, the concepts of circular and linear mean for Carlitos; as well as how to use the levels to enrich your dance. You’ll also discover how to generate movement for yourself and for the person you’re dancing with.

9.52 min Technique

Men Technique 3. The Walk

You have probably heard many times that tango is essentially moving your axis between two points in space. In less technical terms, it simply means walking. But what will make your Walk, or break it is the quality, the substance, the message, even the form of your walking. And so, this is a lesson that Carlitos dedicates entirely to Walking in tango. You need to master this first, in order to truly excel in all the other movements and figures.

15.37 min Technique

Carlitos & Noelia’s Embrace. Everything is Possible!

In order to appreciate your present as it is, you first need to understand and accept it completely. In order to fully appreciate your partner in tango, you need to be aware of the subtleties of both roles: leading and following. It’s a lesson that will help you do that.

18.46 min Embrace

Leading and Following Displacements. Or About Subtleness and Awareness

In order to appreciate your present as it is, you first need to understand and accept it completely. In order to fully appreciate your partner in tango, you need to be aware of the subtleties of both roles: leading and following. It’s a lesson that will help you do that.

7.04 min Technique

Using Inertia of the Movement to Achieve More Subtleness and Awareness in Leading and Following

Using with awareness certain tools enhance your tango dancing experience. In this lesson, Carlitos & Noelia will teach you how to look for, and to develop your subtleness in leading and following through a set of very useful exercises.

6.48 min Technique

Tips & Tricks for Leading and Following Circular Movements

Circular movements give tango its very own recognizable look and feel. And with this lesson you’ll start building the foundation of your circular movements in tango. Carlitos & Noelia give away their tips and tricks for leading and following Pivots and Ochos. And from here, your Turns and Boleos will emerge later on.

11.25 min Ocho Technique Pivots

Leading and Reacting to the Change of Levels. And About How These Affect the Movement

The 3 minutes relationship that we have with someone while sharing a tango should be based on trust. It’s when we’re leading and reacting naturally and with pleasure to anything that the other one is proposing. In this lesson you’ll learn about the changes of levels in dance - how to propose them and how to embrace them, in order to create together a movement that flows.

9.12 min Technique

Using Compression and Expansion to Achieve Different Sensations in the Movement

Tango is so simple and so inexhaustible at the same time. There are big movements and there are subtle ones. The big ones define what is easily perceivable from the outside. The subtle ones are able to bring you to an ecstatic state that only you and the one you hold in your arms can perceive. This is a lesson about two of those subtle movements.

10.46 min Technique