Linear Movements. Creating Rebounds, Crosses and Even Turns by Using Lines

Sublime linear notes of pure beautiful simplicity and surprising proposals. In this collection, you’ll learn to do Crosses like Noelia & Carlitos do, you’ll understand how versatile Rebounds can be, and curiously enough you’ll discover how one can build circles by using lines. Is your curiosity aroused already?

Tips for Our Tangomeet Students. How To Use Our Online Lessons

Watch this video before starting your learning process with Carlitos & Noelia. They are giving you important tips about how to approach their online lessons program. about how it is structured and about how to enjoy it better.

2.14 min Technique

Rebounds Decoded. Level One. What and How?

From this lesson, you’ll find out what Rebounds mean for Carlitos & Noelia, as well as some essential tools they use in order to create them. Besides this, you’ll practice exercises that will help you impregnate these tools into your own body, including trying them out in close embrace.

11.12 min Rebote Technique

Crosses Decoded. Level One. Different Crosses & Rhythms

Performing Crosses - can it be simpler and more fun than we thought? Followers and leaders, go ahead and explore this lesson to find out how to make front and back Crosses like Noelia & Carlitos do! How to generate them, receive them and play on different rhythms with these extremely necessary and universally used elements in tango!

16.53 min Elements

Combining Crosses and Rebounds. Level One

You have decoded, analyzed and practiced how to lead and follow both Rebounds and Crosses by now. It’s time to couple them up and see what a powerful tool this duo can be! Carlitos & Noelia use it a lot in social dancing, to manage the limited space, as well as accelerated rhythms!

17.51 min Rebote Elements

Linear Turns Decoded. Level One. Turning without Dissociating

Curious to know how building circles with lines works? Not only is it intriguing, but also fun! Carlitos & Noelia will show you the way; will talk about the necessary body geometry, the embrace, and the rhythm they use when performing them. Get a line on these Turns!

13.47 min Giro Musicality Technique

Rebounds Decoded. Level Two. Keeping the Rhythm in Longer Structures

Time to level up your Rebounds game, as you’ll be adding up to the knowledge some practicing of your musicality. Long rhythmical structures, playing with acceleration instead of using just the contratiempo; finally a longer structure of Rebounds in acceleration, in this case, they’re gonna be 9.

15.57 min Rebote Musicality

Crosses Decoded. Level Two. Combination with Sacada & Double Crosses

Diving deeper into decoding Crosses. Just a little reminder - in the previous lesson you worked with double-crosses and learned to use the levels to control these types of constructions. In this lesson, you’ll be combining them with Sacadas and you’ll be using a new tool to lead the Cross.

8.51 min Sacada Elements

Combining Crosses and Rebounds. Level Two

In this lesson you’ll be exploring and practicing a beautiful movement, and very useful in social dancing. It consists of a Cross with the feeling of a Rebound. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen the knowledge of some fundamental tools that Noelia and Carlitos use to lead and follow these elements.

11.36 min Rebote Elements

Linear Turns Decoded. Level Two. How to Create and Keep the Acceleration

Moving in deeper into the world of linear Turns! In this class, you’ll be working with the acceleration in the Turn, using a lot of awareness in order to bypass the habitual patterns we may have when performing Turns in social dancing. You’ll be able to create the acceleration whenever you want!

15.12 min Giro Musicality

Rebounds Decoded. Level Three. Isolating the Lead from the Leader’s Steps

Rebounds for those who like to challenge themselves. As you’ll need a bit of body, space, partner… awareness in general, in order to be able to lead Rebounds to your partner and join her with the same movement, of choose to do something different while accompanying her, of course. After you try 100 times, it’s not difficult!

10.55 min Rebote Technique

Crosses Decoded. Level Three. Creating a Turn from a Sequence of Back Crosses

Level up for Crosses! You’re going to lead to your partner a sequence of back Crosses and you’re going to create a Turn out of them. You’ll start with the basic step, but a twist to the sequence will transform it into something else. It’s not easy, but Carlitos & Noelia have some secrets that will help you to succeed.

7.57 min Giro Elements

Combining Crosses and Rebounds. Level Three

Combining Crosses and Rebounds the more advanced way! You’ll learn a new juicy sequence while applying many of the principles you have studied already in this collection. So it’s going to be a great way to test yourself, too, and see where you need to put in more work. Enjoy the vibes!

10.32 min Rebote Elements

Linear Turns Decoded. Level Three. Creating Dynamics and Syncopation in the Turn

The level is increasing for Linear Turns as well! So get ready! You’re gonna be working with a tool that will help you create a beautiful dynamic movement. And using a Sacada you’ll generate a syncopation in your Turn. All in all the result is fun and beautiful, as well as the process of getting there!

11.18 min Sacada Giro Musicality

Suspending & Repeating a Movement in Rhythmic Musical Phrases

Can you relate to those small, tiny steps that Carlitos and Noelia do on long rhythmic musical phrases? Here, you’ll learn the tips and tricks of doing those in different kinds of displacements. And next, you’ll be isolating the lead from your own steps, leaders! You should already know how that feels from a previous lesson.

9.47 min Musicality

Linear Movements. A Bonus and a Challenge

Here comes a gift lesson from Carlitos and Noelia! But it’s also a gift you’re making to yourself. As you’ll be testing and challenging the entire effort you put into studying and practicing this collection of lessons. It’s time to reap the well deserved benefits of your work! (This is a gift lesson when buying the collection.)

6.16 min Giro Rebote Elements Musicality Technique