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Learning Tango brings peace of mind and unlocks an amazing chemical cocktail for your body to rejuvenate.

Why Tangomeet?

Learning with your favorite maestros week by week, in the comfort of your own space. Be it your home, dance studio, or any other private space you can imagine.

Tangomeet is a web service that allows tango lovers from all over the world to have personal access to international tango maestros, through a series of online classes and videos with their personal insights and discoveries in tango.


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Maestros are the perfect choice for those who want to learn tango. You'll find a range of teachers to choose from who offer a wide range of courses and have a long history of training and teaching.


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What is Tangomeet? arrow
Tangomeet is a web service that allows tango lovers worldwide to access international tango maestros through a series of online classes and videos with their insights and discoveries in Tango. Learning with your favourite maestros weekly, in the comfort of your own space, be it your home, dance studio or any creative area you might think of. It is one of the most significant leaps forward in learning Tango because it is convenient, fast and, most importantly, truly rich in information (philosophy, technique, steps, and figures). When we say fast, we don't mean that you will learn the Argentine Tango in a few days because Tango is like a good wine – the longer time goes by, the better it becomes. Also, succeeding in this learning process is up to you and the time you spend practising what your maestros teach you. What we mean by fast is that it's as simple as switching on your computer, logging into your account, and then watching and re-watching the video classes and practising them in the intimacy of your own space.
Are the Tangomeet lessons worth it? arrow
Here are some testimonials, and we will let you decide:
Great lessons from some great maestros. Thanks for the fantastic service. Rob Lovett

Tangomeet a une véritable armada de maestro tous plus doués les uns que les autres, belle pédagogie, on peut évoluer à son rythme. Chacun trouvera le couple de maestro qui lui convient. S'il y a un soucis, tout se règle par l'intermédiaire de Mihai et Andrea. De vrais génies du Tango 2.0. Je recommande plus que vivement. Merci encore à Tangomeet. Stephan.

I truly appreciate the tremendous work put into it. Thank you for all the surprises! Ank Treiseur. 

Loving Tango made me a more complex woman. Loving Tangomeet made me wiser. Christine Mayer Paul. 

The seductive way of approaching life made Tango an irresistible force of nature, at least for me. The structured way of offering their teachings to the world made Tangomeet one of my best friends. John Sunvilo. 

Tango is, for me, the art of elegance, grace and seduction, and Tango Meet managed to ensemble the perfect orchestra for teaching them all together while having their staff smiling and offering all sorts of gifts. Thank you! Sebastian Phiu. 
What is the level of the tango classes that are available on Tangomeet? arrow
Tangomeet is structured under Maestros and themes, not under levels so that everyone can enjoy its benefits at their chosen pace, no matter the level.