Linear Movements. Creating Rebounds, Crosses and Even Turns by Using Lines

Sublime linear notes of pure beautiful simplicity and surprising proposals. In this collection, you’ll learn to do Crosses like Noelia & Carlitos do, you’ll understand how versatile Rebounds can be, and curiously enough you’ll discover how one can build circles by using lines. Is your curiosity aroused already?

Crosses Decoded. Level Two. Combination with Sacada & Double Crosses

Diving deeper into decoding Crosses. Just a little reminder - in the previous lesson you worked with double-crosses and learned to use the levels to control these types of constructions. In this lesson, you’ll be combining them with Sacadas and you’ll be using a new tool to lead the Cross.

8.51 min Sacada Elements

Linear Turns Decoded. Level Three. Creating Dynamics and Syncopation in the Turn

The level is increasing for Linear Turns as well! So get ready! You’re gonna be working with a tool that will help you create a beautiful dynamic movement. And using a Sacada you’ll generate a syncopation in your Turn. All in all the result is fun and beautiful, as well as the process of getting there!

11.18 min Sacada Giro Musicality