With a solid background in classic dance, Antonella Terrazas brings a unique contribution to the art of Argentine tango: a deep feminine approach, transformational and disruptive, that starts and finishes with our own selves, and our own bodies. Tango is a multi-faceted discipline, that includes the study of physical movement, which only adds up to its complex, captivating nature. Get your body, mind, and spirit aligned in one of the most amazing tango training journeys you could embark on!

Completing the Circle. Ochos and Giros at Your Most Effortless

Ochos are what bring you closer to completing the circle of your dance and Giros are its culmination. In this collection, you’ll train so much in order to get to a state where you perform both of these elements independently from your partner's support, and of course, flawlessly. You’ll get to discover your Ochos personality - be they small, large, slow, or sharp; and find out a new way of making your Giros, that will give even more circularity to your effortless movement on the dance floor.


Recommended study time for this collection is 5 weeks.

107.32 min Giro Ocho Technique

Low, High, Very High – all Sorts of Boleos. Train Them Like Goddesses Do!

Boleos are the non-necessary, but oh so sweet pleasures of tango! Just the way you can eat a meal without beautifully adorning the plate, you can dance a perfect tango with no Boleos in it. But for those days, when you feel like adorning, like making your dance or performance more alluring, spice it up with a Boleo. You have so many possibilities and just one requirement – make your Boleos like goddesses do - aware, controlled, divine.


Recommended study time for this collection is 4 weeks.

58.00 min Technique Boleo

Pivoting in Extreme Balance. Building up Your Tango Foundation... Pivot by Pivot

Although tango is a dance built upon stepping, it mostly has a circular shape. It refers to the couple’s movement, as well as to the individual movement of each of the partners. This makes pivoting, correctly and in total balance, not just extremely important, but vital. Antonella has many exercises dedicated to balance, so you’ll have a lot to gain by practicing them together with her. And don’t forget that this collection will prepare you for the more complex things ahead.


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

65.64 min Technique Pivots

Reinventing the Body Awakens the Soul

In our quest to evolve we run into obstacles. Most of the times resistance comes from our own minds, but it becomes visible in our bodies. Reversing the process and focusing on expanding our body’s limits, we can make miracles. Following the practical, physical exercises in this collection, little by little, you will turn your tango path into a new, surprising direction.


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

52.75 min Technique

Walking. No Tango Clichés. Discover Her Style, Define Yours

The way your feet land on the dance floor after each step you take is your trademark. A correct, relaxed, beautiful walk is what gives you the comfort and presence for you to find your connection with the partner, with the music and with your own creativity. In tango, you are the artist and the walk is your personal set of brushes. Take inspiration from other artists, then find your own walk to create your masterpiece!


Recommended study time for this collection is 4 weeks.

105.35 min Technique Walk