Tree of Tango. Complex Geometry

Once the journey towards each other is complete, now is time to explore a new world together, as a couple. The complex world of circularity, directions, silence and music. We have some cute, basic elements that represent great tools to help you with this exploration. Sara and Ivan are extremely down-to-earth while explaining the Universe of our four legs, two embraces and thousands of possibilities.


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

A Guide on how to Enjoy our Lessons Better

Watch this video before starting your learning. Ivan and Sara's lessons program is a well put together whole, comprised of all the collections you'll find on Tangomeet. For best results, we strongly recommend you don't skip collections or lessons. Buckle up! Enjoy this marvelous ride! And get ready to wow your past, present and future dance partners :)

5.44 min Technique

Building Sequences: Changing Systems and Tracks

The main purpose of the third collection is to show students how to build sequences from a simple walk with previously learned and new elements. In this video Ivan and Sara will show you some possibilities created by changing systems and tracks, and will give you the tools to eventually build your own simple or intricate steps.

17.29 min Technique Walk

Introduction to Paradas

One of the first elements that comes organically from outside partner walking is the parada. A fundamental tango element, the parada is a foundation movement in which we learn how to change direction, and which we can use to pause and to decorate. Sara and Ivan teach a basic parada in this technique video, and discuss principles which will help you understand the more complex paradas in the sequences section.

15.48 min Technique

Introduction to Barridas

After the parada, the next element which follows logically from a walk is the barrida. Barridas can be tricky – they are elegant sweeps that flow smoothly if we respect our basic walking technique, or jerky and uncomfortable tripping-feeling things if we do not. In this video Ivan and Sara break down fundamentals of the simple barrida, preparing you for more complex barridas to come.

12.47 min Barrida Technique

Introduction to Back and Forward Ochos

Ochos are extremely important because they show us how to work consistently with rotated body positions, and introduce pivots as adjustments for direction of movement. Forward and back ochos that come from cross system walking also allow us to begin to use ochos as elements of the dance. Ochos everyone!

20.05 min Ocho Technique

Introduction to Sacadas: Walking Sacadas

Learning linear sacadas such as this walking sacada is extremely important because we begin to discover two very important concepts – separating the rotation of the upper body from the direction of movement of the legs, and the idea that in order to create many of the positions we need for our elements to work, the leader has to create a separate direction of movement for himself and his follower. Understanding the concepts taught in this video is indispensable for executing more complex movements with ease.

14.50 min Sacada Technique

The Doughnut – a Sweet Transition from Walking to Turning

Another key lesson not to be missed – learn the basis of all turns as you discover how to share space with your partner in a turn! This class sets up our understanding of how each body’s individual mechanic combines with geometry and direction in space for flawless turns.

16.12 min Giro Technique Walk

Collection III review with music

Let yourself be inspired by watching the maestros performing all the elements in the lessons until now. This is a gift video, which you’ll discover inside this collection of lessons. (Music: orquesta – Di Sarli, “Organito de la tarde”)

3.03 min Sacada Ocho Technique Walk