Tree of Tango. Complex Geometry

Once the journey towards each other is complete, now is time to explore a new world together, as a couple. The complex world of circularity, directions, silence and music. We have some cute, basic elements that represent great tools to help you with this exploration. Sara and Ivan are extremely down-to-earth while explaining the Universe of our four legs, two embraces and thousands of possibilities.


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

Introduction to Back and Forward Ochos

Ochos are extremely important because they show us how to work consistently with rotated body positions, and introduce pivots as adjustments for direction of movement. Forward and back ochos that come from cross system walking also allow us to begin to use ochos as elements of the dance. Ochos everyone!

20.05 min Ocho Technique

Collection III review with music

Let yourself be inspired by watching the maestros performing all the elements in the lessons until now. This is a gift video, which you’ll discover inside this collection of lessons. (Music: orquesta – Di Sarli, “Organito de la tarde”)

3.03 min Sacada Ocho Technique Walk