Tree of Tango. Complex Geometry

Once the journey towards each other is complete, now is time to explore a new world together, as a couple. The complex world of circularity, directions, silence and music. We have some cute, basic elements that represent great tools to help you with this exploration. Sara and Ivan are extremely down-to-earth while explaining the Universe of our four legs, two embraces and thousands of possibilities.


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

Introduction to Barridas

After the parada, the next element which follows logically from a walk is the barrida. Barridas can be tricky – they are elegant sweeps that flow smoothly if we respect our basic walking technique, or jerky and uncomfortable tripping-feeling things if we do not. In this video Ivan and Sara break down fundamentals of the simple barrida, preparing you for more complex barridas to come.

12.47 min Barrida Technique