Noelia & Carlitos’ Fundamentals. Merging Classic Milonguero with Modern Technique

Merging the classic milonguero style with modern tango technique in distinctive harmony and precision, the result is visually stunning! So fresh! Essentially, this is Carlitos & Noelia’s landmark collection of lessons. It’s where we invite you to start your journey into the world of their tango. Here, you’ll understand their fundamentals; how they think about the movement and from where it emerges.

Women Technique 1. Body Position, Embrace and Displacement

Exceedingly charming appearance, spectacularly mastering the dance floor, please, meet Noelia for your first women technique lesson of this collection. In this class you’ll find out the different body positions that she likes to use while dancing, as well as tips about her mesmerizing embrace, and most of all you’ll find out one of Noelia’s main values when approaching tango.

13.55 min Embrace Technique

Carlitos & Noelia’s Embrace. Everything is Possible!

In order to appreciate your present as it is, you first need to understand and accept it completely. In order to fully appreciate your partner in tango, you need to be aware of the subtleties of both roles: leading and following. It’s a lesson that will help you do that.

18.46 min Embrace