Gone with the Wind. Vals

Fly, flow, dream... feel them all while waltzing. Get the technique inside your body with this collection of lessons on vals, then forget about it. Let it do its work, while you're just enjoying.


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

Vals 1. Introduction to Musicality

When it comes to vals, it's very important to understand well the style and its music. Get familiar with the music and learn how to interpret it in a tango style. 

21.47 min Musicality Vals

Vals 2. Musicality. Double Time

A lesson on double time and a comprehensive structure, in order for you to practice one way of interpreting tango vals.
Music: Al Pasar (orchesta Ricardo Tanturi; singer Enrique Campos).

26.04 min Musicality Vals

Vals 3. Musicality. Double Time

The structure based on double time, that you'll practice in this lesson, will reveal technical insights useful for performing elements like ocho and giro.
Music: Al Pasar (orchesta Ricardo Tanturi; singer Enrique Campos).

21.28 min Musicality Vals

Vals – A Basic Structure to Highlight Different Counting for Man and Woman

A lesson about the timing and fluidity of the music. An important aspect explained in this class is how to keep the connection between the partners during vals.

12.45 min Musicality Vals

Vals – The Basic Counting for Giro and Contra-Giro

This class will answer all your questions about how to transfer the tango double time into vals double time. In order to do it, Sebastian and Mariana are proposing a very detailed analysis of the structure and of the music.

16.10 min Giro Musicality Vals

Ocho as Key Element in Vals

Insights for leaders and followers on how to perform series of ochos during vals, and more.
Music: Al pasar (orchesta Ricardo Tanturi, singer Enrique Campos).

18.54 min Ocho

Vals. Circularity and Change of Direction

Leaders, remember that the timing is always very important for creating a new and different feeling for the follower. You'll learn how to do it in this class.
Music: Al pasar (orchesta Ricardo Tanturi, singer Enrique Campos).

17.58 min Changes of Direction Giro Vals