Captivated by a Beautiful Moment. Barrida and Rebote

There’s that beautiful moment… You know it? The one you don’t want to ever end. When you hold your baby for the first time, or when you look in the eyes of your beloved and you know there’s nothing else you need… But it can also be that second, during the dance, when you just hold your partner and have the space to express yourself.


Recommended study time for this collection is 5 weeks.

Combinations of Steps using Rebound and Ocho Cortado

A lesson that will offer plenty of technical details about a rebound that can take you to an ocho cortado, and about how these technical details influence your attitude while dancing. And they do! Everything wrapped up in a beautiful combination of steps that is all yours to be used.

8.17 min Ocho Rebote Elements

Combination of Steps using Rebound and Change of Direction

The structure presented in this lesson has a high level of complexity. Paying attention to all the small details might seem burdening at first, but it will make you forget completely, on the dance floor, that there’s any work involved at all. But in order to get to this stage of pure savoring, there’s lot of practice upfront involved. There’s no one who has ever skipped this step. Not even the best.

6.04 min Changes of Direction Rebote Elements