Captivated by a Beautiful Moment. Barrida and Rebote

There’s that beautiful moment… You know it? The one you don’t want to ever end. When you hold your baby for the first time, or when you look in the eyes of your beloved and you know there’s nothing else you need… But it can also be that second, during the dance, when you just hold your partner and have the space to express yourself.


Recommended study time for this collection is 5 weeks.

The Technique of Barrida

How do you control the lines of your legs in a barrida? Is the anticipation of the movement something you look for in this case? You'll find all these answers and more, right in this lesson. When you master its technique, barrida is no longer a challenge, but one of those moments that brings you fully into now.

12.39 min Barrida

The Technique of Barrida for Followers

What do women want? And what do women need to get what they want? Two of the most complex questions men of all times have been dealing with. We don’t know the answers to these questions either. But what we can offer for sure, is the answer to what women want and need from a barrida. Get your curiosity satisfied!

10.37 min Barrida

Barrida in Giro 1

It's pure pleasure to continue the giro after a barrida... if you have the right technical information. And the right amount of practice. This is the first lesson in a series that will get you there. Get prepared to find the nirvana of giros and barridas!

7.50 min Giro Barrida

Barrida in Giro 2

At this stage you’l find out how the leading of the giro is the purpose and the barrida is a movement that only appears inside this lead. You’re not quite there yet, but definitely much closer to the giros+barrida nirvana!

4.48 min Giro Barrida

Barrida in Giro 3

Remember that magical element, we’ve been focusing on, in the previous collection of lessons? The one that keeps pretty much everything together? Right! The pivot! In this case, the pivot will help you keep the connection with the partner, and the hips in the right direction. Find out when you absolutely must use it in a barrida.

4.43 min Giro Barrida

Barrida in Giro 4

This is the lesson that will make it or brake it. Because it will offer you the explanation of a very complex barrida. It will raise problems concerning your balance and the continuation of the couple’s movement. But you have the right information, right here, to make it. The breaking thing is out of question. All we require is your practicing input. And nirvana is yours and your partner’s to be experienced!

6.27 min Giro Barrida

Barrida Review with Music

Let yourself be inspired by watching the maestros performing all the elements in the lessons until now. This is a gift video, which you’ll discover inside this collection of lessons. (Music: orquesta – Juan D'arienzo/Hector Maure, "Si La Llegaran A Ver")

2.24 min Giro Barrida

Rebound in Parallel System and Changes of Direction

Rebound is one of those elements, too, that can help you create a beautiful moment to be captured in. You can use it just as it is, or as a way to change the structure and the direction of your dance. It’s a tool that is all yours, to be used on your way to complete self expression. You’ll discover how in this very lesson.

7.38 min Changes of Direction Rebote

Rebound in Cross System and Changes of Direction

We all know that it’s mostly us who influence the quality of the time we spend on our own or together with other people. But the most knowledgeable of us, also make use of the circumstances they are given. This lesson will show you how to use the imaginary lines on the floor, to find the lines to follow in your body. So that you can get to the next level in performing your barridas.

6.58 min Changes of Direction Rebote

Combinations of Steps using Rebound and Ocho Cortado

A lesson that will offer plenty of technical details about a rebound that can take you to an ocho cortado, and about how these technical details influence your attitude while dancing. And they do! Everything wrapped up in a beautiful combination of steps that is all yours to be used.

8.17 min Elements Ocho Rebote

Combination of Steps using Rebound and Change of Direction

The structure presented in this lesson has a high level of complexity. Paying attention to all the small details might seem burdening at first, but it will make you forget completely, on the dance floor, that there’s any work involved at all. But in order to get to this stage of pure savoring, there’s lot of practice upfront involved. There’s no one who has ever skipped this step. Not even the best.

6.04 min Elements Changes of Direction Rebote