The Never-ending Journey. A Romance with Pivots, Ochos, Turns and Boleos

Evolving your tango in circles. Re-discovering the classics with the eyes of the dancer you are today. That’s all part of the game. This is a collection to make you fall in love with Pivots, Ochos, Turns and Boleos over and over again. With them, which give tango its very own recognizable look and feel.

Turns Decoded. Level One. What, How and Where?

In this lesson, Noelia & Carlitos will teach you how and when to turn. It’s all about the spaces you create and the lines that you take in order not break the connection with your partner and the flow of your dance.

17.05 min Giro Technique

Turns Decoded. Level Two. Their Kind of Turn Interlaced with Sacadas for Leaders and Followers

In this lesson, Carlitos & Noelia will break down their process of intertwining Sacadas with Turns. It’s mostly about playing with the spaces that each of us occupies on the dance floor.

23.18 min Giro Technique

Turns Decoded. Level Three. Accelerating the Turns and Adding Dynamics

Turns are already full of magic because they will make you feel like you’re flying. Add up a bit of acceleration and dynamic to that, and something even more exciting is coming your way! But there are some techniques that you need to incorporate first. Learn and practice them in this lesson.

16.28 min Giro Musicality

Circular Movements. A Bonus and a Challenge

Here comes a gift lesson from Carlitos and Noelia! But it’s also a gift you’re making to yourself. As you’ll be testing and challenging the entire effort you put into studying and practicing this collection of lessons. It’s time to reap the well-deserved benefits of your work! (This is a gift lesson when buying the collection.) 

4.16 min Pivots Giro Ocho Musicality Technique Boleo