The Never-ending Journey. A Romance with Pivots, Ochos, Turns and Boleos

Evolving your tango in circles. Re-discovering the classics with the eyes of the dancer you are today. That’s all part of the game. This is a collection to make you fall in love with Pivots, Ochos, Turns and Boleos over and over again. With them, which give tango its very own recognizable look and feel.

Ochos Decoded. Level Two. Their Famous “Rolling” to Keep the Close Embrace

This is their second lesson dedicated to Ochos. Carlitos & Noelia will teach you how to adapt your embrace when performing them. And most probably, you know their famous “rolling” that they use in order to keep their embrace closed and comfortable. Find out here how to use it, too.

14.08 min Embrace Ocho Technique