Milonga & Vals. Time to Bloom and Jubilate!

Although part of the Argentine tango genre, Milonga and Vals have their own spirit, musicality, and rhythm. This collection will teach you how to use tango’s movements and technique when dancing Milonga and Vals. Get inspiration from Carlitos & Noelia’s knowledge and effervescence, in order to find your own way to bloom and jubilate!

Vals. Keeping the Fluidity of the Movement

In their first lesson dedicated to Vals, Carlitos & Noelia will teach you how to create and keep the fluidity of the movement. Even if has a rhythm to it, the spirit of Vals is given by a soft and continuous vibe that flows through your dance. It feels a bit like flying!

8.16 min Vals

Understanding the Rhythm of Vals

Delimiting the strong beat is key to understanding the Vals rhythm and to taking full advantage of it when creating your dance. Then the weak beats can be lead or the follower can use them for embellishments. You’ve got available a world of creativity! What will your Vals sound like?

14.44 min Vals

Using the Syncopation in the Vals Rhythm

Vals rhythm is like a canvas on which you can paint in so many ways. And think of the Syncopation as of a brush that you can use in order to do it. Dive playfully into this lesson rich in exercises dedicate to musicality in Vals.

15.45 min Vals

Vals. Tools to Create Acceleration in Turns

And then we’ve got the Turn, an element widely used in tango, but that needs to be adapted for Vals. In this lesson, you’ll discover a great tool for doing it. As a result, you’ll get a combination that will provide that little something that gives Vals its specific flavor.

14.41 min Vals

“Chains” for Performing Long Musical Phrases in Vals

Noelia & Carlitos will teach you in this lesson how to approach long musical phrases by using a structure called Chains. They will show several ways of performing Chains, as well as share with you everything you need in order to learn its craft for yourself.

10.40 min Vals

About a Specific Rhythm that Carlitos & Noelia Love to Use in Vals

To wrap up this lessons series, Carlitos & Noelia will share with you a specific rhythm that they love to use in Vals. It’s a versatile one, as it can either be lead or taken by the follower, or the leader as an embellishment. We urge you to put your best smile on, play with this rhythm and jubilate!

10.19 min Vals

Vals. A Bonus and a Challenge

Here comes a gift lesson from Carlitos and Noelia! But it’s also a gift you’re making to yourself. As you’ll be testing and challenging the entire effort you put into studying and practicing this collection of lessons. It’s time to reap the well-deserved benefits of your work! (This is a gift lesson when buying the collection.)

4.16 min Vals