Milonga & Vals. Time to Bloom and Jubilate!

Although part of the Argentine tango genre, Milonga and Vals have their own spirit, musicality, and rhythm. This collection will teach you how to use tango’s movements and technique when dancing Milonga and Vals. Get inspiration from Carlitos & Noelia’s knowledge and effervescence, in order to find your own way to bloom and jubilate!

Milonga. Relaxing into the Speed

To start their collection dedicated to Milonga and Vals, Carlitos & Noelia invite you to do a simple act that, at the same time, is one of the hardest things to do: relax into the speed. Seems like a paradox, isn’t it?

14.00 min Milonga

Milonga. Creating and Keeping the Acceleration

Probably the first thing that comes to our minds when saying milonga is the word speed. It’s so specific for the Milonga’s spirit. So in this lesson, you’ll start generating the acceleration needed for keeping the speed. But here comes the paradox - rather than leading the acceleration, leaders will lead the stop.

16.50 min Milonga

Milonga. Basic Movements for Social Dancing

Noelia & Carlitos share a basic movement that they use in social dancing. They’ll start with the structure on beat, to which they’ll be adding three accelerations. You can use this structure as it is, or you can break it and use only some parts of it, according to what you’re expressing on a certain part of the music.

9.29 min Milonga

Milonga. Repeating Movements Sequences to Fit Long Musical Phrases 1

Because of its complex and fascinating nature, music in tango can be our greatest inspiration. Take for example a long musical phrase and add to it a sequence of repeating movements. The result is stunning because it’s like making a strong visual statement. Explore and practice some examples of repeating sequences in this lesson.

11.47 min Milonga

Milonga. Repeating Movements Sequences to Fit Long Musical Phrases 2

This is the second lesson that Carlitos & Noelia dedicate to long musical phrases and to sequences of repeating movements that you can use to interpret them. But this time, leaders, you’ll dissociate your lead from your own movements. More challenging, but also more fulfilling.

11.11 min Milonga

Short, Fast Ochos that Fit the Milonga Rhythm

In theory, you can do on milonga any figure you’d do in tango. But in reality, because of its more alert rhythm, you’ll need to adapt your movements and make them more linear. In this lesson, you’ll dive into the essence of short, fast Ochos that will fit perfectly the milonga rhythm.

12.35 min Milonga

Milonga. A Bonus and a Challenge

Here comes a gift lesson from Carlitos and Noelia! But it’s also a gift you’re making to yourself. As you’ll be testing and challenging the entire effort you put into studying and practicing this collection of lessons. It’s time to reap the well-deserved benefits of your work! (This is a gift lesson when buying the collection.)

4.46 min Milonga