25 Mar 2020


Sebastian Jimenez: So, you dance what you have truly lived?
Carlos Perez: Mostly, yes, Sebastian.

Sebastian Jimenez: And to all this, you add the “cadencia”… One of the things that I remember very well, when we won the World Championship, is that many told us that the great difference between us and the other couples, was that we were a young couple (I was 18 years old), and we were dancing with the “cadencia” and the moves of old dancers, who have been dancing for their entire lives. And all this, thanks to you, of course. You, that explained and told us the meaning of the “cadencia”. And this is what made the difference, really. Because it is very special to see an 18 years old young man, having the “cadencia” of an old person.

El Legado is our production that presents the interaction between two different generations of tango dancers. Learning from the fusion between old and new creates that special thing Sebastian is mentioning in the dialogue above, between him and his maestro, Carlos Perez.

“Cadencia” is only one example of elements from the tango of before, that will transform your tango of today. And this is the collection of lessons available on Tangomeet, that will teach you about “cadencia” and about how to apply it to your dance: