Spices. Tango Elements

And every great meal needs a unique flavor to become outstanding. Dance is all the same. This is the collection of lessons that brings to you the spices for those special flavors!


Recommended study time for this collection is 9 weeks.

Crosses for Men

A lesson on how to switch weight with different leg shapes and how this feels for the follower, while leaders play with different heights and followers use projection.
Music: Junto a tu corazon (orquesta Josè Garcia, singer Alfredo Rojas).

12.33 min Elements

Crossing the Legs Using Enroscada

One tip for leaders – when you do the enroscada and pass behind the follower's free leg, don’t push her knee. More inside.
Music: Una noche menos, una noche más (Orchesta Hector Varela, singer Jorge Falcón).

12.00 min Elements

The Use of Compas and Calesita

A lesson about how to reposition the couple on the dance floor and the egyption walk.
Music: Bien Frappe (orchesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto Rufino).

19.18 min Elements

Cha Cha Step

This class is about replacing the pivot with a rhythmical play. Yes, you can do that!
Part 1: Bien Frappe (orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto Rufino);
Part 2: Junto a tu corazon (orquesta Josè Garcia, singer Alfredo Rojas).

19.31 min Elements

Cadenas – Essential Elements and Technique

A history of how this structure progressed over the years and about its important role in the Nuevo style.
Music: Buscandote (orquesta Osvaldo Fresedo, singer Ricardo Ruiz).

14.37 min Elements

Cadenas with Half Giros

On how to be conscious about the weight of your body, start playing with it; and leaders to become sensitive to the decisions the follower takes regarding her steps. Music: Te llaman Malevo (Orquesta Anibal Troilo, singer Tito Reyes).

15.44 min Giro Elements

Cadenas – Cross and Double Time

On how swinging the left leg for the leader and spacing between partners will help you better perform the structure and to know what to take care about.
Music: Te llaman Malevo (Orquesta Anibal Troilo, singer Tito Reyes).

18.14 min Elements Musicality

Volcada 1. The Bridge

There is a simple aspect to follow in order to generate a volcada – to step back and not parallel to the follower, plus many more insights in this lesson.
Music: Mi dolor (orchesta Juan D'Arienzo, singer Osvaldo Ramos).

22.25 min Elements

Volcada 2. Double Time

Volcada requires space between the lower parts of your bodies, so make sure you remain close to your partner. A paradox? Not really.
Music: Gitana Russa (Ricardo Malerba Y Su Orquesta Típica, singer Orlando Medina).

12.28 min Elements

Volcada 3. Soft and Slow

Mariana is proposing a great exercise for followers, that will help you doing a volcada. Ladies, you can practice it by yourselves, at home.
Music: Te llaman Malevo (Orquesta Anibal Troilo, singer Tito Reyes).

19.02 min Elements

Volcada – Typical Embrace and Technique in Milonguero Style

A small tip – the strong energy that projects the volcada comes from the embrace. Many more inside this lesson.
Music: Volvamos a empezar (Alfredo De Angelis y su Orquesta Típica, singer Oscar Larroca).

11.57 min Elements

Colgada - Essential Elements and Technique

A full class on colgadas – from ocho loco to open ochos. The rest is good technique explained perfectly.
Music: Porteño y Bailarín (Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge Durán).

14.24 min Elements

Colgada with a Gancho Shape

Just a tip: circularity is the most important thing for this structure, so pay attention to body torsion, changing weight and leg projection.
Music: El Adiós (Orchestra Osvaldo Pugliese, singer Jorge Maciel).

13.20 min Elements