Give and Receive. Sacada and Gancho

You start to really enjoy Sacadas and Ganchos when you become so present and caring towards your partner, that it simply becomes an act of giving and receiving. No pretentiousness involved. Just kindness.


Recommended study time for this collection is 7 weeks.

Sacada – Body Technique and Aesthetics

A preparation lesson for the upper and lower body.
Music: Bahia Blanca (Carlos di Sarli).

14.58 min Sacada Elements

Sacada - Connection, Timing and Space

A lesson that teaches you how to manage the embrace and how to create space for the movement.
Music: Bahia Blanca (Carlos di Sarli).

10.50 min Sacada

Sacadas. Insights, Going Deeper into the Shapes

You'll go deeper in the understanding and feeling of the connection. You'll learn to shape your dance from the inside out.
Music: Junto a tu corazon (orquesta Josè Garcia, singer Alfredo Rojas).

23.44 min Sacada

Legs Contact, Shape and Connection

"Tango is a very specific dance because it connects the hearts and gets the legs away", Sebastian Arce. Now it's the legs' turn to connect.
Music: Tenia que suceder (Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli; singer Mario Pomar).

17.33 min Sacada

Sacadas for Men

On how to leave a trace of the movement and how to move backwards keeping your intention forwards. Music: Mi Dolor (orchesta Juan D'Arienzo, singer Osvaldo Ramos).

10.16 min Sacada

Sacadas for Men and Women

On the importance of contrapositioning. Back sacada for men, front sacada for women. Music: Mi Dolor (orchesta Juan D'Arienzo, singer Osvaldo Ramos).

14.16 min Sacada

Back Sacada for Women

Tips on how an uncomfortable structure like back sacada for women can became pleasant, on leader's correct position while leading it and many more.
Music: Te llaman Malevo (Orquesta Anibal Troilo, singer Tito Reyes).

19.33 min Sacada

Sacadas for Women – Same Position, Different Exits

A class in which you'll learn to keep on looking for contact during sacadas, but for the contact that comes from different types of motions.
Music: Tenia que suceder (Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Mario Pomar).

13.42 min Sacada

Backward Sacada for the Follower. Detailed Technique

The structure in this lesson is mostly suitable for couples who practice together on a regular basis and the video will show you why.

13.58 min Sacada

Lower Body Movements Paralitica and Sacada

This class is about playing a bit with the contact of the lower body. Also, leaders will have the opportunity to practice the backwards step after the side step.
Music: Tenia que suceder (Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Mario Pomar).

13.12 min Sacada Elements

Some Cool Steps from the 50's

Reviewing the entradas of this structure will highlight that everything is linked to how the leader enters the cross and how he reacts when faced with a boleo.
Music: Marioneta (Orquesta Alfredo de Angelis, singer Floreal Ruiz).

15.51 min Elements

Gancho - Essentials

All you’ve ever wanted to know about ganchos. Leading is about subtility in the proposal, contact in the key points of the body and being determined and gentle. Music: Porteño y Bailarín (Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge Durán).

19.33 min Elements

Gancho. Different Positions and Legs. Detailed Technique

In this lesson you will learn how to play with your weight transfer and legs, while remaining continuously connected to your partner.
Music: El Adiós (Orchestra Osvaldo Pugliese, singer Jorge Maciel).

16.18 min Elements

Men Footwork – Gancho and Boleo

Leaders, stand up and prepare, because Sebastian will put your feet at work. Ganchos, boleos – it is your time to shine on the dance floor.

11.19 min Elements Boleo

Sacadas and a Smooth Gancho. Detailed Technique

How about a smooth gancho? Elegant and also dynamic, slow and still energetic… Embrace your partner and practice, while letting your body float.
Music: Tenia que suceder (Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Mario Pomar).

14.23 min Elements Boleo