Rediscovering Tango's Beauty: The Maestros of Harmony, Mariana Montes &
Sebastian Arce

Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, two masters of the tango, will inspire you as you see them constantly reinvent themselves and the genre. Their performances fascinate viewers by showing utter beauty on the dance floor thanks to their strong bond and unmatched synergy. Through their hypnotic motions, discover the tango's enduring appeal as they encourage people to embrace change and explore artistic expression. Learn the strength of a couple who dares to view well-known locations through fresh eyes, constructing a harmonic masterpiece with each step.

A Beautiful Conversation. Technique for Mixing Tango Elements

We all know that tango is a language in its own right. And once your grammar and vocabulary are in place, beautiful conversations start flowing and deep connections happen. This is a collection of lessons for tango writers.


Recommended study time for this collection is 11 weeks.

353.22 min Giro Lapiz Elements Barrida