A Beautiful Conversation. Technique for Mixing Tango Elements

We all know that tango is a language in its own right. And once your grammar and vocabulary are in place, beautiful conversations start flowing and deep connections happen. This is a collection of lessons for tango writers.


Recommended study time for this collection is 11 weeks.

Combination Giro-Girada-Rebote

Just one of the tips of this class: during the giro, leaders, surround the follower and hold softly her back. In this way you'll help her pivot.
Music: Gitana Russa (Ricardo Malerba Y Su Orquesta Típica, singer Orlando Medina).

25.59 min Giro Rebote Elements

Combination Boleo – Barrida. Detailed Technique

Highlights of some of the particularities of this combination – how to do it so that it comes natural for both dancers.
Music: Porteño y Bailarín (Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge Durán).

22.30 min Barrida Boleo

Combination Boleo – Barrida. Insights and Shapes

Just a tip: Sebastian draws your attention to the way of leading the boleo – the movement is built over the whole dance and it is not caused by a single pressure.
Music: Porteño y Bailarín (Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge Durán).

18.33 min Barrida Boleo

Mixed Technique – Sacada, Enrosque, Ocho Loco

More than focusing on technique, this class demonstrates different types of expressivity and tango learning styles.
Music: Cantemos corazón (orquesta Carlos Di Sarli; singers Roberto Florio, Jorge Duran).

12.36 min Sacada Ocho Enrosque

Combination Giro-Enrosque-Lapiz-Playing with Heights

A lesson on how to link complex movements in a fluid motion in order to shine on the dance floor.
Music: De qué podemos hablar (Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Argentino Ledesma).

14.05 min Giro Lapiz Enrosque

Combination Retro Sacada – Boleo – Corte

Just a tip: the interesting effect on the retro sacada comes from the ability of the leader to gently hook the follower's free leg.
Music: Volvamos a empezar (Alfredo De Angelis y su Orquesta Típica, singer Oscar Larroca).

11.44 min Sacada Elements Boleo

Combination Sacada – Gancho – Boleo – Corte

Just a tip: the energy brought in the cross by the left foot, for the follower, will be taken in the gancho by the right leg.
Music: El Adiós (Orchestra Osvaldo Pugliese, singer Jorge Maciel).

8.34 min Sacada Elements Boleo