A Beautiful Conversation. Technique for Mixing Tango Elements

We all know that tango is a language in its own right. And once your grammar and vocabulary are in place, beautiful conversations start flowing and deep connections happen. This is a collection of lessons for tango writers.


Recommended study time for this collection is 11 weeks.

Combination Boleo – Barrida. Detailed Technique

Highlights of some of the particularities of this combination – how to do it so that it comes natural for both dancers.
Music: Porteño y Bailarín (Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge Durán).

22.30 min Barrida Boleo

Combination Boleo – Barrida. Insights and Shapes

Just a tip: Sebastian draws your attention to the way of leading the boleo – the movement is built over the whole dance and it is not caused by a single pressure.
Music: Porteño y Bailarín (Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge Durán).

18.33 min Barrida Boleo

Mixed Technique – Barrida, Rebote

You'll find inhere the concept of rebote put in the context of two different types of barridas. A different approach leads to a differet feeling.
Music: Cantemos corazón (orquesta Carlos Di Sarli; singers Roberto Florio, Jorge Duran).

10.55 min Rebote Barrida

Combination Barrida – Gancho

Followers will see in this lesson the important aspect of changing the usual contact with the floor when doing the barrida.
Music: El Adiós (Orchestra Osvaldo Pugliese, singer Jorge Maciel).

13.31 min Elements Barrida

Moving in Harmony into Opposite Directions

On different types of opposite direction moves, that are combined with decorations for the follower. Plus, special technical elements on which the follower needs to work when dancing in close embrace.

13.12 min Embrace Elements Decorations

Combination Planeos – Barridas for Leaders

A lesson on how to flawlessly do combinations of inside and outside planeos for the man, barridas and fast decorations over the barrida for the follower.
Music: De qué podemos hablar (Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Argentino Ledesma).

11.10 min Elements Barrida

Combination Sacada – Gancho – Barrida

Just a tip: leaders, be careful with the position of the knee when doing the gancho. Switch it inwards or outwards depending on where you are.
Music: El Adiós (Orchestra Osvaldo Pugliese, singer Jorge Maciel).

12.23 min Sacada Elements Barrida