Turns. Changes of Direction as Creative Landmarks

We all know that the only thing that is permanent is change. But also, change is the milestone where infinite possibilities emerge. In dance too. So, patience, awareness in actions and a soft embrace are all you need.


Recommended study time for this collection is 5 weeks.

Leading and Performing Different Types of Ochos

The importance of ochos can be easy to overlook, but they are essential as they connect various parts of your dance and make it look like a harmonious whole. So we better master them properly. In this lesson you’ll find out about the importance of the shoulders, as well as the order in which the movement should happen. Everything accompanied by exercises and structures.

8.38 min Changes of Direction Ocho

Giro Deconstructed. Individual and Couple Exercises

Giro is the magic wand that gives us the possibility to “fly” in dance. Now, mastering its technique will provide a life changing “flying” experience. Ways to dissociate, quantity of space in the embrace and other details needed for the giro to happen flawlessly are some of the topics that will be showcased and explained in this very lesson, by the help of individual and couple exercises.

18.55 min Changes of Direction Giro

Giro. Variations on Tempo and Systems

This is a lesson about how to avoid cliches when performing giros and how to always be prepared for change, as change is inevitable anyway, right? Leaders, you should also know that your sense of connecting movements to music, in pleasantly surprising ways, is one of the things that followers appreciate the most. This lesson will be your secret help.

7.26 min Changes of Direction Giro Musicality

Giro. Combinations of Steps 1

The beautiful sequences that Sebastián & Roxana are using to explain the use of giros, can already be considered their signature for the fluidity they achieve in the dance. This lesson provides the rare opportunity to get to understand how this happens, as only watching from outside will never get us there.

9.43 min Changes of Direction Giro Elements

Giro. Combinations of Steps 2

With the combinations of steps in this lesson, the maestros will focus even more on the technical aspects that giro contains. As always, you can use them just for your own practice, or to space up your dance.

12.36 min Changes of Direction Giro Elements