The Traces you Leave. Lapiz, Enrosque, Sacadas and Boleos

"To live means to leave traces". You can make them fine or obvious; visible to anyones’ eye, or perceptible only to your partner. But for sure, you should try and make your trace hugely inspiring. Just learn how to do it, so that you can choose how to make your signature count.


Recommended study time for this collection is 12 weeks.

Combination of Steps. Sacada, Lapiz and Ornaments for Women

Now it’s the time for experimenting! You’ll incorporate the ornaments you have learned and practiced until now in a very playful combination of steps. Watch, re-watch, practice and re-practice until that very special moment when you performing this combination will feel and look effortlessly. Do you accept the challenge?

5.10 min Elements Sacada Lapiz Decorations

Sacada Deconstructed. Sacadas in Line

Sacada can be a challenge, but everything is in your hands. Or better said in your legs… In fact, in your entire body, to make it a really beautiful challenge, if not a gift. What causes a Sacada and what is its effect? Which part of your legs should be used? How do your bodies position? How do they move? In this lesson you’ll find in-depth explanations about all these aspects and more. Let’s get to work then!

8.11 min Sacada

Sacada Deconstructed. Sacadas in Giro

Lifting the heel will create more...? Taking care of her axes will lead you both in a ...? It’s better if you watch and practice this lesson on your own. No amount of description can replace the getting right to the core of the problem thing. Especially when it’s surrounded by a liberating giro. And let us know what are your sensations when flying on the dance floor, holding your partner in your arms.

7.25 min Sacada Giro

Sacadas in Line to Start and Finish the Giro

Sacadas are actually supposed to be soft, but clear. This is how your partner should feel them. This lesson will offer you the perfect structure to understand and feel when the end of a movement comes and when the beginning of the next one follows. And sacadas will play the ultimate role in this scenario.

6.28 min Sacada Giro

Sacada on Follower’s Backwards and Leader’s Side Step

A lesson presenting a new type of sacada. We love that sacada has so many variations. They keep us away from the cliches. In this case, a circular side step - that's what leaders should be looking for when performing this structure. And since everything starts in the embrace, this lesson will offer some beautiful insights about the feel, shape and functionality of the embrace in this combination, too.

7.43 min Sacada

Combination with Sacada on Follower’s Backwards and Leader’s Side Step

A lesson bringing some thrilling movements combined in a beautiful structure, along with some really great tips for the followers. But not only. Buckle up for another exciting experience involving sacadas!

8.06 min Sacada

Followers’ Sacada. Combinations of Steps

Get immersed into practicing a combination of steps out of which a handsome gancho may emerge. It’s all about the optimal distance. Well, there are some other details involved as well. We’ll let you discover them all in this lesson. Enjoy the adventure!

7.01 min Sacada Elements

Sacada Review with Music

Let yourself be inspired by watching the maestros performing all the elements in the lessons until now. This is a gift video, which you’ll discover inside this collection of lessons. (Music: orquesta – Juan D'arienzo, "No nos veremos nunca")

1.55 min Sacada