The Traces you Leave. Lapiz, Enrosque, Sacadas and Boleos

"To live means to leave traces". You can make them fine or obvious; visible to anyones’ eye, or perceptible only to your partner. But for sure, you should try and make your trace hugely inspiring. Just learn how to do it, so that you can choose how to make your signature count.


Recommended study time for this collection is 12 weeks.

Lapiz. Men Technique

Lapizes as beautiful as those made by Sebastián, are born out of a well hidden secret. Here’s a lesson that will reveal that secret. Body posture, pivoting and timing are just a few hints. Explore this lesson to find the information you’ll need in order to discover and practice your lapiz!

10.56 min Lapiz

Circular Adornos for Women

What is the point in the body where circular adornos of the ladies start? What is the amount of stability and balance you’ll need in order to be able to perform them? Quite a lot we’d say. The good news is that it's trainable. This lesson will offer you the information and the set of exercises for you to get to perform Roxana’s enchanting adornos properly and at the right time. Get prepared to wow your partner!

8.58 min Lapiz Decorations

Lapiz. Couple Exercises

Now that you’ve deconstructed lapizes and circular adornos for yourself, and have practiced them for a while, it’s time to give your best in couple. The timing for our individual embellishments has to be strongly connected to that of the couple. And yes, you’re right, generating and recognizing synchronization is something we must train as well.

6.34 min Lapiz

Combination of Steps. Sacada, Lapiz and Ornaments for Women

Now it’s the time for experimenting! You’ll incorporate the ornaments you have learned and practiced until now in a very playful combination of steps. Watch, re-watch, practice and re-practice until that very special moment when you performing this combination will feel and look effortlessly. Do you accept the challenge?

5.10 min Sacada Lapiz Elements Decorations

Complex Combination of Steps. Lapiz, Aguja, Giro and Ornaments

If you have already tamed the beast, we’re here to propose a "butterflies in your stomach" kind of structure, for both you and your partner. Remember everything you have learned and practiced in this collection of lessons and in the previous ones – changes of dynamics and directions, speed, decorations – all these, without forgetting about your posture and embrace. The result is going be worth it!

5.20 min Giro Lapiz Decorations

Lapiz Review with Music

Let yourself be inspired by watching the maestros performing all the elements in the lessons until now. This is a gift video, which you’ll discover inside this collection of lessons. (Music: orquesta – Di Sarli, “Volver a vernos”)

1.31 min Lapiz Elements