The Traces you Leave. Lapiz, Enrosque, Sacadas and Boleos

"To live means to leave traces". You can make them fine or obvious; visible to anyones’ eye, or perceptible only to your partner. But for sure, you should try and make your trace hugely inspiring. Just learn how to do it, so that you can choose how to make your signature count.


Recommended study time for this collection is 12 weeks.

Front Boleo. Women Technique

Just another front boleo? Not at all. It’s Roxana’s front boleo, we’re all fascinated about. In this lesson she will reveal its secret. There will be lots of technical details exposed. Remember, ladies, how we said that a strong technique is the source our dance beauty? Here’s one more beautifying procedure. You’ll be glowing after it, we promise!

8.40 min Boleo

Combination with Boleo and Enrosque

Is combining a front boleo and an enrosque even possible? Make no mistake, it is. But what’s rather not so common is combining them, while not loosing connection and not braking our embrace, thus missing all those feelings that only a real embrace can offer. In this lesson, the maestros will showcase how to balance the warmth of the embrace and the thrill of boleos and enrosques.

7.33 min Boleo Enrosque

Combination with Back and Front Boleo

How to create boleos in a loop? By focusing o a series of details like marking position, contraposition, accents, synergy of the couple, mutual trust. Apart from the amazing technical details you’ll discover in this lesson, there is also some important advice provided about how to actually enjoy safely, boleos on the crowded pista. Let’s get to it!

9.02 min Boleo

Combination with Back and Front Boleo + Enrosque

Did you know that repositioning while building combinations with boleos could offer you the opportunity to add an enrosque to it?Actually, embracing this opportunity is the one that will inspire you to add a different enrosque. Find brand new insights on this subject, right in this lesson.

6.41 min Boleo Enrosque

Boleo Review with Music

Let yourself be inspired by watching the maestros performing all the elements in the lessons until now. This is a gift video, which you’ll discover inside this collection of lessons. (Music: orquesta – Ricardo Tanturi/ Alberto Castillo, "La vida es corta")

1.52 min Boleo