The Taste of True Joy. Milonga

You aren’t complete until you haven’t danced a tanda of milonga. In order to free your true self, in order to feel the genuine taste of joy and play, take the time to build a deep friendship with it, to welcome it into your body and milonga will generously reward, not only you but also your partner!


Recommended study time for this collection is 7 weeks.

Milonga. Traspie in Circular Movements

A strong review of technical details from previous exercises will open for you the door to using circularity in milonga steps. In this lesson, the emphasize is not only on the milonga specific steps and music, but also on how individual posture and embrace help us in experiencing traspie to its fullest!

6.45 min Milonga Giro Musicality

Milonga. Combination of Steps with Ochos 1

This lesson brings to you a combination of steps powered by play, lots of play. Thinking in pivots, stepping together and having each other as the main focus, will only make the game more spectacular. Remember though, not every time winning is everything. But the will to win, while offering your best to your team mate, is.

8.48 min Milonga Ocho

Milonga. Combination of Steps with Ochos 2

After having played a lot, practiced that is, the milonga rhythm should be already feeling at home in your body. Now it’s the time to learn how to navigate the pista, on the same crazy fun milonga steps. Of course!

7.41 min Milonga Ocho Elements

Milonga. Combination of Steps with Ochos 3

Milongas are more fun and juicy when lots of ochos are involved. So this lesson will offer you one more combination with ochos, for both the follower and the leader. And since you’ll be doing them at the same time, you’ll be having even more fun. The rhythm won’t slow down either. This will be a major boost to your milonga skills!

7.23 min Milonga Ocho

Milonga. Ochos in Line

Once you're confortable with quick ochos on the same spot, we'll move on to building entire imaginary lines of ochos. On milonga rhythm. Guided by this lesson. Wait until it begins, you’ll be unstoppable!

10.35 min Milonga Ocho

Milonga. Combination of Steps with Ochos 4

The thing is, you should never stop looking for new combinations of steps in your dance. Because there are lots of them. In milonga, too. This lesson will offer you one more combination with ochos – a hidden treasure that will astonish not only your dance partner, but also everyone watching.

5.52 min Milonga Ocho