Topical Series. Turns, Enrosques and Lapices

The impossible steps, the complicated sequences…. with the right explanations and a practiced technique everything becomes clear. Enjoy this advanced technical collection and have fun! It is strongly intertwined with the previous ones and for best results we strongly recommend their deep study and practice, before exploring the present collection.


Recommended study time for this collection is 6 weeks.

Enrosque Sequences: Embellishment + Front Enrosque Turning Backwards

While enrosques for followers can be led, like we saw in the first video, they can also be embellished. So while the followers embellish on their forward ocho, the leaders have a challenging front enrosque turning backwards!! You were asking for it, you get it!

11.29 min Enrosque Decorations

Lapiz Sequences – Simple Lapiz in a Combination Turn

The lapiz, a favorite element to adorn a turn, for both leaders and followers. But because the leg extends so far beyond the axis in a lapis, it is important to understand geometry and timing when attempting to execute this movement. In this introductory video, Ivan and Sara show a simple lapiz and the basic rules that we need to respect to make the lapiz smooth, coordinated and effective.

10.01 min Lapiz

Lapiz Sequences – A difficult, then more Difficult Lapiz

A reverse lapis followed by a regular lapiz in a single axis turn. With an aguja in between. Sounds difficult. And it is, because it requires understanding of and coordination between individual body mechanic and the geometry of the bodies. But once you master it, it will be very satisfying! We promise!

12.07 min Lapiz

Lapiz Sequences – The Fancy Follower Lapiz (led, and as an embellishment)

Instead of doing a simple calesita from a back step of the follower, followers can embellish and create a beautiful lapiz! And if you want to show this as partnerwork, then leaders can also create this movement for the follower. Lead or embellished, the movement is definitely worth learning!

14.24 min Lapiz Decorations