The Improvisation Toolbox. Nothing Basic about the Basic

From Sara and Ivan's perspective, improvising is mastering the rules and breaking the rules. This collection is interconnected to all the other ones. It is the guide to creativity and the connection between the elements, and techniques you already know and those you’re about to (re)discover. Enjoy the ride!


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

Creativity and Improvisation using the Basic Step

Creativity and Improvisation Toolbox: Ivan and Sara show you how to work on your creativity and improvisation by breaking up the basic step in the parallel system, and then reassembling it. This exercise is an example of how you can deepen your understanding of the dance, and how to improve your social dancing skills. 

13.24 min Elements Technique Walk

Circles and Lines: Rounding the Basic

Ever have that experience where you learned a certain movement in a class, but then for space reasons, could never quite do it in a milonga? In this video Ivan and Sara curve the basic step to show you how to think about making a linear movement into a circular one. 

12.39 min Technique Walk