Partnering Technique. Simple Geometry

The beauty of partnership is hidden in the harmony, complicity, tensions and flows that both of you are creating while dancing together. Standing and walking in front of each other are powerful statements of both authenticity and skills. Both of them can be trained and improved in order to get to the next level, the level where magic happens – where we are perfect for the other while we remain true to ourselves. Enjoy this technical journey into the couple movement mysteries!


Recommended study time for this collection is 4 weeks.

A Guide on how to Enjoy our Lessons Better

Watch this video before starting your learning. Ivan and Sara's lessons program is a well put together whole, comprised of all the collections you'll find on Tangomeet. For best results, we strongly recommend you don't skip collections or lessons. Buckle up! Enjoy this marvelous ride! And get ready to wow your past, present and future dance partners :)

5.44 min Technique


Improve the quality of your embrace – find the correct balance of comfort and functionality! Ivan and Sara talk about how to hold your arms, the interaction between posture and the embrace, and the tone of the connection to help you find that perfect connection to your partner.

15.50 min Embrace Technique

Linear Walk in Parallel System

Walking in front of each other in a line is a basic exercise that lets us see how our posture and body mechanic fit together in simple partner work. Afraid of stepping on your partner? Not sure where to place your feet? Find out tips on how to never crash with your partner, and how to maintain even and connected movement without pulling or pushing your partner around. Walk with ease!

12.09 min

Outside Partner Walking in Parallel System

Time for the most important basic geometry in Argentine Tango!! The moment that we no longer walk directly in front of each other in a line, our bodies can no longer have a linear body mechanic because we now have to respect a circular geometry. Understanding the relative positions of the bodies in outside partner walking helps us create the basis for quality and ease in more complex relationships.

14.07 min Technique Walk

Changing Weight

Super important video!! In this simple video on weight transfer, Ivan and Sara set the foundation for effective improvisation in Argentine Tango – the ability to lead and follow weight transfers in different geometries. This skill is fundamental for improvisation because it allows us to manage transitions between the cross and parallel systems, the only ways in which we can relate to each other in the embrace. In addition, Sara and Ivan touch upon a keystone of their technical understanding, the role of the upper body vs. the role of the legs in the dance. Do not miss this video!

16.28 min Technique

Cross System

The cross system together with the parallel system allow us to form all the figures possible in an unbroken embrace. Correct positioning in the cross system will allow us to move together smoothly, improve our connection and also help us troubleshoot issues with balance and connection in more complex movements.

9.01 min Technique

Putting it all Together: Changing Systems and Hanging Tracks

Explore the possibilities by learning how to change systems and change tracks seamlessly! This is an important skill for improvisation because once we add changes of direction, we are able to create many different possibilities for the dance. Practicing fluid changes of track and system is a fundamental and essential skill in your tango toolbox!

18.56 min Technique Walk

Incomplete Weight Transfer - Rocking out with Rock Steps and Side Steps

So far we have explored complete transfers of weight, but with the rock step we enter into incomplete weight transfer land. Incomplete weight transfers are extremely useful because they allow us to learn how to pause, turn in a simple way, change direction and create a simple timing change – all of which is essential for floor craft.

13.37 min Technique Walk

Basic Timing Changes

The quality of our timing change depends on coordination and use of energy rather than on underlying technique. In this video we reestablish the difference between technique and style, and the importance of understanding how movements that are visually different actually have the same underlying technique. Applying these ideas to our basic geometries, we should already be able to move comfortably to the music in a milonga setting.

15.54 min Musicality Technique

Collection II Review with Music

Let yourself be inspired by watching the maestros performing all the elements in the lessons until now. This is a gift video, which you’ll discover inside this collection of lessons. (Music: orquesta – Di Sarli, “Y todavia te quiero”)

2.43 min Musicality Technique Walk