Movement Technique. Body Mechanics

Whenever we think, play or practice, our body has a natural tendency, a habit, an answer. Listening to that voice, to that answer helps. Our dance, our couple, our teaching and our lives are improved every time we find new ways to understand more about our amazing body reactions. Sara and Ivan start their journey with us by showing how to discover and train our body wisdom. Enjoy this beautiful collection and be aware that it’s the base for all their further work on Tangomeet.


Recommended study time for this collection is 5 weeks.

Coordination of Forward Walk

Ivan and Sara begin to talk about the difference between technique and style in this video dedicated to the natural coordination of the forward walk. What are the important moments of the walk? What is the relationship of the axis, the free leg and the standing leg? Watch the video and find out!

10.21 min Technique Walk

Coordination of Backward Walk

Walking backward always seems like such a difficult challenge, for both leaders and followers. In this video Ivan and Sara break down techniques that will help you keep your balance, connection and coordination as you gracefully glide backwards on the dance floor.

12.26 min Technique Walk

Forward Rotated Steps

Most of tango movement happens in rotated geometries - this is why understanding how forward and backward rotated steps work is so important… If we consider that the only time we have linear movement is when we walk in parallel system in front of each other or do side steps in front of each other in a line, we begin to understand the importance of rotations for our dance. In this video Sara and Ivan break down the body mechanic of a forward rotated step for better body mechanic of each individual dancer, and better geometry of the couple!

13.47 min Technique Walk

Linking Forward Rotated Steps

When we link forward rotated steps we need to make certain adjustments with our most important articulations - feet, ankles and hips. Conceptualizing pivots as changes of direction of the walk rather than as something separate from the step allows us to be faster, more efficient and more balanced in our movements.

8.12 min Changes of Direction Technique Walk

Backward Rotated Steps

If we struggle with back walking in a line, then making back steps in a rotation can seem insurmountably difficult. However, if we understand that our body mechanic is half the battle, then this challenge is easily overcome with practice. Learn how to create the body position for back rotations that will keep you balanced and in control!

8.03 min Technique Walk

Linking Backward Rotated Steps

There is nothing scary about back ochos! If we connect, in a proper way, backward rotated steps, we can always be in our axis, in control of the movement and powering ourselves through all the positions. Starting from more linear to more lateral, learn how to ocho like a pro!

6.50 min Changes of Direction Ocho Technique Walk

In Line and Rotated Side Steps

Despite their great importance, especially in turns, side steps generally do not get the emphasis or love they deserve. Understanding the correct body mechanic for linear and rotated side steps will change your dance – it is one of the most important, and most overlooked technical points!

14.24 min Technique Walk

Turns: Connecting Rotated Steps

Making it all work together!! How we put together forward, side and back step really matters because it affects how we move with our partner – and even more so if we are turning around them! This video is all about making spaces for our bodies to make beautiful and comfortable tango together.

12.10 min Technique Walk