Make it sparkle: Milonga

Sara&Ivan love to dance milonga because it is fun, fast and always leaves them smiling.
Starting from a very simple sequence which they build upon in each lesson, by the end of this collection you'll be able to dance a whole tanda of milongas with flow, fun and ease! No need to memorize steps – the dance comes from an understanding of how to create, and allows you to respond to the music and the floor conditions with spontaneity and joy.

This collection is great for beginners and experienced dancers alike – novices will find they can finally dance milonga, and those with experience will appreciate the complexity of the final steps and modification tips for movements they already do. Enjoy!

Recommended study time for this collection is 5 weeks

  • 122.00 min


In this short introduction video, Sara and Ivan share some thoughts about dancing milonga, leading and following, and musicality training in general. Get in the milonga mindset, get ready to move!

8.00 min

Timing makes things interesting

This lesson starts with a simple baseline step, making sure to move correctly and with ease. Then this step is set to the most obvious timing of the music, and the first idea is introduced – changing the timing by hearing and adding a triplet in the music.

9.00 min

Triple it up

The simple baseline step gets its first modification: to make things fun, Sara and Ivan add a triple timing to the first part of the step, and have to change the movement accordingly. Of course, making sure that there is still leading and following, and staying in time to the music!

6.00 min

More triplets

In the previous lesson, Sara and Ivan introduced the triple; in this one, they apply it in different ways to different parts of the movement, and in music. We are really starting to see the movement change!

16.00 min

Playing with contrast

In order to have some texture in our dance, we need to be able to create contrasts. Sara and Ivan will show you how to distinguish your dance without changing what you do, but rather how you do it. One juicy milonga set coming up!

11.00 min

Variations with extensions

Extending the triplets not only changes the movement, but also how you use the music! Now you can dance a whole song in an interesting and varied way, using all of the beats!

19.00 min

Modifying the shape

Don’t have any space in the milonga to make a long, extended travelling movement? It doesn’t matter – just take what you already know, and do it all in one spot. Don’t believe us? Try!

11.00 min

Modifying extensions: shape your own dance - I

Using the first extension as a base, Sara and Ivan add a different type of triple step to show you how you can eventually create your own steps!

9.00 min

Modifying extensions: shape your own dance - II

Using the second extension as a base, Sara and Ivan add a modification to take their dance beyond the box! Making many steps from one is their specialty.

12.00 min

Modifying extensions: with embellishments - I

Add embellishments to make your milonga sparkle. Embellishments, embellishments all around!

14.00 min

Modifying extensions: with embellishments - II

Last but not least, more embellishments! Now’s your final chance to bust some moves… erm, we mean embellishments. If you’re lacking inspiration, check out Ivan, he’s on a roll!

7.00 min