Complex Geometry. Giros

Turns are difficult and they make most of our dancing. So, as you are guessing, this is a benchmark collection. You’ll find in these lessons fundamental and extremely important technique that will prepare you for more complex movements such as Enrosques, Agujas, Lapises. This collection is strongly intertwined with the previous ones and for best results, we strongly recommend their deep study and practice, before exploring the present collection.


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

Turns around a Common Center using Sacadas

Turns around a common center are like walking on the dough of the donut. Yes, we actually say that in this video… Why? Because it is a good image, and when we add sacadas, we really begin to understand the relationships the couple requires for smooth and powerful turns. 

18.45 min Sacada Giro

Turns around a Common Center Changing Systems

Understanding whether a certain step is an open (side) step or a forward step in a turn becomes especially important when we begin to change systems throughout the turn. And once we are able to change systems, we start to understand all of the possibilities for different relationships in giros. So if you want to turn, turn!

11.15 min Sacada