Connection and Partnering

Connection and Partnering. There’s more to it than meets the eye: it’s about how it feels rather than how it looks.

Tango is essentially about two people. Yes, there’s a reason for clichés to be clichés: they are true, it does take two to tango. In the previous collection of lessons you learned how to become more aware of your body, more in touch with yourself when dancing. Now it’s time to shift your focus to connecting to your partner. Find out how to move and how to stop with your partner, while your feet are at work too. What if you think of leading not as physically moving your partner’s body, but as inviting and allowing the other to go by themselves, so that with this independence of movement the two of you create a more organic and fluid way of dancing?

The recommended study time for this collection is 4 weeks.

Elements - Paradas and Sacadas. Stop, in the name of Tango

Sure, you know how to walk, but do you know how to stop? And when? Yes, sometimes we need to stop and take a breather even during the dance. But putting a stop to the flow of the dance, either using Paradas or Sacadas, shouldn’t be a shock to your partner, so the placement of your feet and the timing are essential. Find out how to be smooth about it.
This lesson is in English.

13.57 min Sacada Elements

Elements - Ganchos. Warming up the legs

It’s pretty easy to understand the movement that the leg describes in a Gancho, but the key is the positioning of your feet and reacting fluidly, without breaking the flow of the movement upon leg interaction between partners. Now you’ll discover some exercises to warm up your legs for those curling Ganchos.
This lesson is in English.

10.12 min Elements Technique

Hooked up on Ganchos - Tips to make you feel confident

Get some tips and tricks that will make you “off the hook” in the ronda! In this lesson, Ezequiel explains the importance of timing, coordination, and the reaction to leg interaction.
This lesson is in English.

12.28 min Elements Technique

More Combinations and Tips on Ganchos

You know the basics of the Gancho, now it’s time to unlock the secrets on how to hook them up, use them in combinations and what to watch out for.
This lesson is in English.

11.39 min Elements Technique

Barridas and the secrets of a fluid sweep across the floor

In this final lesson, Ezequiel explains the principle of the Barrida and exemplifies some sequences you can use in milongas.
This lesson is in English.

8.17 min Elements Barrida Technique