Individual Technique. Tango Technique for Followers and Leaders

After teaching for many years ladies technique, Carolina started to realize that technique is only one. Everybody needs to learn technique. So this is a collection for tango dancers who were looking for a way to know themselves better. In a technique lesson, when you’re alone with your body and trying to reach balance after every step, being conscious of the way you move every part of your body, you realize what you can really give when stepping into the connection with your dance partner.


Recommended study time for this collection is 7 weeks.

Walking Elements 1

A lesson that will teach you how to always be ready. General technique for the front and side steps + a cherry on top: advanced tips for advanced dancers. Less advanced ones, don’t ignore them either!

13.28 min Walk

Walking Elements 2

This is a very special, unique lesson on walking, that will reveal to you how to become more aware of your back - a generally ignored, but extremely important part of our body, for achieving the kind of connection we all aim for. Plus, as we always say, the beauty is in the details.

10.35 min Walk

The Technique of Pivots

Learn how to generate pivots from different parts of your body, in order to be prepared for all dance situations and for all dance styles. The exercises in this class are quite unique due to the accessories you’ll be using. Don’t worry, you can get them in any sports shop. Enjoy!

14.14 min Ocho

Music on and Practice Everything we’ve Learned until Now!

Every time you dance, a bit more is added to your expertise as a dancer. Your body's muscles have memory. When you do something over and over again, they remember. So, take advantage of every moment available to you and dance! Even if you’re doing it by yourself in your practice room.

2.40 min Ocho Walk

Carolina Bonaventura’s Tango Dictionary. Part 1

Leaders and followers, dancers and teachers this is pure gold – a tango dictionary in two parts. The first part will get you acquainted with the meaning and form of the fundamental concepts in tango, like: zero position, walking, standing leg and free leg, the muscular tone, functions of various body parts in tango. You can use this dictionary to profoundly understand for yourself the whats, the whys and the hows of tango; or to inspire your teaching.

11.57 min Elements Technique Walk