Individual Technique. Tango Technique for Followers and Leaders

After teaching for many years ladies technique, Carolina started to realize that technique is only one. Everybody needs to learn technique. So this is a collection for tango dancers who were looking for a way to know themselves better. In a technique lesson, when you’re alone with your body and trying to reach balance after every step, being conscious of the way you move every part of your body, you realize what you can really give when stepping into the connection with your dance partner.


Recommended study time for this collection is 7 weeks.

The Technique of Giro

Practicing is not real life, it’s not real dancing. But we need it, as this is how we get ready and can truly enjoy, when finally the real thing happens. And don’t forget that every exercise will be modified during the dance accordingly. Oh, and there will be some more accessories for the giros. Enjoy!

12.50 min Giro