Individual Technique. Tango Technique for Followers and Leaders

After teaching for many years ladies technique, Carolina started to realize that technique is only one. Everybody needs to learn technique. So this is a collection for tango dancers who were looking for a way to know themselves better. In a technique lesson, when you’re alone with your body and trying to reach balance after every step, being conscious of the way you move every part of your body, you realize what you can really give when stepping into the connection with your dance partner.


Recommended study time for this collection is 7 weeks.

Get Technical about your Ornaments 1

Ladies, It’s true that ornaments are spiced up by creativity, but the most traditional ones have a science behind them, too. And this is a lesson dedicated to Enrosques. It will reveal what’s the correlation between your body anatomy and an Enrosque; how to transform a normal Pivot into an Enrosque; how to create it from three different parts of your body and how to perform Enrosques in front and in back Ochos.

13.35 min Enrosque Decorations

Get Technical about your Ornaments 2

We continue with the science of planeo and lapiz. planeo can be performed in the front, side and back steps. In this lesson you’ll get acquainted with the technique of planeo, plus tips about how to keep your balance while doing it. As of the lapiz, it’s a movement that the leader can lead to you or you can make it as an ornament. If it’s an ornament you handle it completely and you have a few different options to perform it.

14.07 min Lapiz Elements Decorations