Walking. No Tango Clichés. Discover Her Style, Define Yours

The way your feet land on the dance floor after each step you take is your trademark. A correct, relaxed, beautiful walk is what gives you the comfort and presence for you to find your connection with the partner, with the music and with your own creativity. In tango, you are the artist and the walk is your personal set of brushes. Take inspiration from other artists, then find your own walk to create your masterpiece!


Recommended study time for this collection is 4 weeks.

Walking Like a Feline and with No Tango Clichés 1

The hips travel as much as the legs do. Where do they go, how do they stay fluid and relaxed and why traveling is so important, you will find out right here in this lesson.

7.25 min Technique Walk

Walking Like a Feline and with No Tango Clichés 2

Details about order, length, level. Beautiful exercises to make your walking more fluid.

8.09 min Technique Walk

Develop your Confident Walking with Simple Exercises for Balance

Imagine Antonella is in the same room with you and make these exercises in the same time with her. And this class will become your personal tango walking training session.

19.59 min Technique Walk

Develop your Confident Walking with Complex Exercises for Balance

You always hear in a tango lesson: “Stay with the floor, stay grounded, don’t forget about the floor.” Well, this lesson is about how to make the floor your friend. It’s also about jumps: all sorts of jumps that will increase your flexibility and stability in the dance.

14.35 min Technique Walk

Feet Position. Do it Righ and do it with Style

The best tips for positioning your chest in dance; for side, forward and backward steps. Plus when, where and how to style them up!

8.24 min Technique Walk

Exercises for Elegant, Long, Panthera Steps

How to slide on air so that your steps become longer and longer. How to keep the line of your hips in harmony with the floor and with your movement. It’s all in this lesson!

6.59 min Technique Walk

Developing your Musical Walking. Exercises for Stepping on Different Times-

Exercises that will teach you how to be grounded while being fluid in your dance. Plus rhythmical ones to work on your balance, in each step.

5.13 min Technique Walk

Contra Position and Opening Position. Train, Train! Make them, Oh, So Natural for Your Body!

Shoulders, hips, knees and ankles – they can align in so many different ways. Find out how and what this makes to your dance.

15.57 min Technique Walk

Little Book of Style for your Tango Walking

The relationship between your toes, your beauty and your balance – this is what this lesson is about!

18.00 min Technique Walk

Walk Exercises. Demonstration with Music

Watch this gift video-demonstration with music and get some inspiration in finding your own way of stepping. Do it lilke a cat, or a pantera, or you name it!

2.54 min Walk