Reinventing the Body Awakens the Soul

In our quest to evolve we run into obstacles. Most of the times resistance comes from our own minds, but it becomes visible in our bodies. Reversing the process and focusing on expanding our body’s limits, we can make miracles. Following the practical, physical exercises in this collection, little by little, you will turn your tango path into a new, surprising direction.


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

Workouts for Strong & Sensual Tanguera Legs 1

Indulge yourself with a nice foot massage, a delicate stretching that include legs projecting, while taking care of your knees’ position.

13.36 min Elements Technique

Workouts for Strong & Sensual Tanguera Legs 2

Your workout for thinner, more flexible and active legs. Oh, how useful will those legs be in your dance and how admired, in your day by day life!

8.21 min Elements Technique

Now the Hips! We all Know How Much they Matter

This lesson has a lot of exercises that will make you feel relaxed but very strong at the same time. You're about to make your hips very playful, happy and grounded. Enjoy it!

6.38 min Elements Technique

This is How Godesses Train Their Boleos

What is really important is to have these two skills checked, trained and well-practiced: going as high as possible and being able to remain grounded, and stable while going as high as possible. This lesson will teach you how.

15.57 min Elements Technique

A Very Flexible Spine for Extreme Dissociation? Yes, please! Exercises are Inhere!

This lesson is about the pleasure you will obtain from making the correct moves, while constantly applying subtle changes to them. It's all about the pleasure of patience, persistence and very conscious movement.

9.23 min Elements Technique