Pivoting in Extreme Balance. Building up Your Tango Foundation... Pivot by Pivot

Although tango is a dance built upon stepping, it mostly has a circular shape. It refers to the couple’s movement, as well as to the individual movement of each of the partners. This makes pivoting, correctly and in total balance, not just extremely important, but vital. Antonella has many exercises dedicated to balance, so you’ll have a lot to gain by practicing them together with her. And don’t forget that this collection will prepare you for the more complex things ahead.


Recommended study time for this collection is 3 weeks.

Important Preparatory Exercises for Pivots. Heels are Key!

Rhythm and heaviness, and being natural while keeping a relaxed body. Seems impossible? You’ll see it’s not.

4.26 min Technique Pivots

The Internal Work of a Pivot. Priceless Exercises and Insights

Your biggest mistakes will lead you towards harmony, once they are revealed and corrected. Enjoy the process!

14.33 min Technique Pivots

Building up Your Extreme Balance during Pivots. Exercises for Half Turns

Cut, float, backwards, forwards – a lesson about how to train your body to move more fluidly without using your arms, without pushing or pulling.

7.39 min Technique Pivots

Even more Exercises. Train, train! To Pivot like a Pro

Focusing on what not to do is key. Because, again, our biggest mistakes become habits. But they can be changed if we spot them.

8.32 min Technique Pivots

Pivots and the Upper Body. Exercises to Dissociate like a Tango Goddess

Hold and control; push and pull your shoulders, while observing which is the weak and which is the strong one. Plus key exercises for dissociation.

10.52 min Technique Pivots

Pivot and Step… Lots of Exercises to Prepare you for your Effortless, Floating Giros

The pause is the answer, the key to effortless movement. Find out where and how you can use it.

14.56 min Technique Pivots

Pivots Exercises. Demonstration with Music

Your short workout with music for making sure that your pivots are at all times in shape and you're always ready to flawlessly float on the dance floor, guided by your partner's soft embrace. Recommended for weekly use :)

6.26 min Technique Pivots