Low, High, Very High – all Sorts of Boleos. Train Them Like Goddesses Do!

Boleos are the non-necessary, but oh so sweet pleasures of tango! Just the way you can eat a meal without beautifully adorning the plate, you can dance a perfect tango with no Boleos in it. But for those days, when you feel like adorning, like making your dance or performance more alluring, spice it up with a Boleo. You have so many possibilities and just one requirement – make your Boleos like goddesses do - aware, controlled, divine.


Recommended study time for this collection is 4 weeks.

Boleo Deconstructed: Projections and Connections

It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship. This exercise starts with everything you have practiced in the previous collections.

10.41 min Giro Ocho Technique

Low, Higher, Very High Boleos – It’s Your Choice Really, Ladies!

Challenging lines to look after and a very specific muscle to work with. It's all about the details when it comes to amazing boleos!

14.02 min Giro Ocho Technique

Exercises to Do All Your Boleos in Extreme Balance. Like Goddesses Do!

Beauty reveals practical technique, clear lines, long pivots. But everything comes easy if you have practiced with Antonella all the way till now. Enjoy!

13.29 min Giro Ocho Technique